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Need to Heat Up Your Love Life This Valentine's Day? 5 Simple Feng Shui Changes for the Bedroom

North Bethesda, Maryland—A few subtle Feng Shui changes in your bedroom can help add pizzazz to your love life, says nationally-recognized Feng Shui expert Carol M. Olmstead. She recommends starting in your bedroom.

"The bedroom should be a place reserved for rest and romance and nothing else," says Olmstead. "That means getting rid of the office work, family photos, and clutter." Olmstead's top five Feng Shui changes for the bedroom are:

1. Remove the family photographs—your love life will improve if your children, parents, or friends aren’t staring at you in bed.
2. Purge the room of all work-related materials that distract you.
3. Move out the stuffed animals, dolls, and excessive pillows from the bed to make room for your lover.
4. Replace mismatched night tables with a set to encourage equality in your relationship.
5. Hang romantic artwork and display objects in pairs to symbolize a committed relationship.

Are you planning a romantic dinner for two? According to Olmstead, Feng Shui choices in your table setup can bring your relationship closer. "If you have a large table, move out the extra chairs and set two places at right angles to each other," says Olmstead, "because sitting directly across a table can be confrontational." Use the rest of the table to display flowers and candles, she advises.

If your sweetheart needs to relax and de-stress, Olmstead recommends setting the table with a vase of multi-colored flowers and using decorations that are flowing and curvy.

If your partner is shy, Olmstead says you can help keep the conversation going by floating orange flowers in a round glass bowl. "Orange is a color that encourages conversation," she says.

Does your sweetheart need help making a commitment? Olmstead recommends choosing a tall, rectangular vase and a pair of flowers to encourage growth in a relationship. "If you choose roses, be sure to remove the thorns," she says.

Are you worried about spending Valentine's Day alone again? "You can invite a new love into your life by clearing out some space in your bedroom closet, medicine cabinet, and fridge to make room for a lover's possessions," Olmstead says. "And don't forget to leave room for an extra towel in your bathroom."

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