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Sharpen Up Those #2 Pencils and Take Note: 9 Simple Feng Shui Tips for Back-To-School Success

North Bethesda, Maryland—Sharpen up those #2 pencils and take note: Re-arranging your child’s bedroom according to Feng Shui principles can create success at school, according to Feng Shui Practitioner Carol M. Olmstead. Olmstead says that a few strategic changes can create a room that encourages good study habits and builds self-esteem. She even has strategies for dorm rooms.

“Practical, real-world uses of Feng Shui include setting up a child’s room so that he or she is certain to succeed,” said Olmstead. “It’s not necessary to hang crystals and use a compass to make Feng Shui work for you,” she adds. “Simple, common sense changes are all part of contemporary Feng Shui.”

Carol Olmstead’s Top 9 Bedroom Re-arrangements for Educational Success:

1. Add a desk or study area to the child’s room. No more papers on the kitchen table or in front of the TV. Children who have a place to study…study! Position the desk so the child can see the door to the room.

2. Hang a bulletin board over the desk to display achievements. This is a good place to showcase your child's awards and citations, as well as artwork, report cards, and great papers.

3. Display a globe and hang maps and posters of the planets and stars. A globe encourages curiosity, maps ground a child, and charts of the stars and planets expand horizons.

4. Add a fish bowl, aquarium, or collection of shells to the room. Fish and shells are symbols of educational success in Feng Shui, and maintaining the aquarium encourages responsibility.

5. Include storage containers to keep the room clutter-free. Some amount of clutter is normal, but excessive clutter represents the inability to move forward and will distract your child from studying.

6. Remove under-bed storage to encourage a good night's sleep. It is especially important not to store shoes under the bed, since they represent "walking away" from peaceful sleep.

7. Place family photos in the child’s room. Photos of parents, grandparents, and happy family gatherings help communicate love and security to a child. And with all that family support, how can your child fail!

8. Position the computer away from the bed and shut it off at night. This will cut down on the EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies). If the room is too small to do this, place a plant within 3 feet of the computer to absorb some of the EMFs.

9. Dorm dwellers should clean their windows occasionally. Feng Shui considers windows to represent the eyes, so dirty windows in a dorm room represent cloudy vision, an obvious deterrent to success.

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