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Rearrange Your Office For Success: Top 10 Feng Shui Office Fixes for 2007

North Bethesda, Maryland—Is 2007 the year you resolved to bust the clutter and finally organize your office? A few no-cost or low-cost Feng Shui fixes in your office can make you more organized and productive, and that can lead to a raise, a promotion, or a lot of new clients,” says nationally-recognized Feng Shui expert Carol M. Olmstead.

“Many people think Feng Shui involves hanging red ribbons and crystals,” said Olmstead, “but Feng Shui is really a common sense way to clear clutter, organize, and re-arrange what you already have and transform your work place into a place where you can actually work.

January is Get Organized Month and the perfect time to try Carol Olmstead’s Top 10 Feng Shui Office Fixes for 2007:

1. Sit in the Power Position
“The most powerful way to sit at your desk is facing the door, especially on the diagonal,” says Olmstead. You see who is coming in and nothing goes on behind your back. If you can’t reposition your desk, place a small mirror or reflective object on it so you can see the door, she says.

2. Bust Clutter to Open Up Opportunities
“Clutter represents postponed decisions and an inability to move forward,” says Olmstead. “When you clear clutter from your desk and shelves, you make room for new opportunities.” Whenever possible, choose closed cabinets rather than open bookshelves to store office supplies and papers.

3. Grow Your Career with Plants
“Plants and flowers represent growth and expansion of your career,” says Olmstead. Place a plant within 3 feet of your computer to counteract the electromagnetic energy, she says. Peace lilies, philodendron, and lucky bamboo grow well under artificial light.

4. Color Your World
Insert some passion and emotion into a drab workspace by adding objects in red, orange, or purple—the “fire” colors in Feng Shui. “Choose artwork with fiery colors or red desk accessories and file folders to symbolically light a fire under your projects and career,” says Olmstead.

5. Light Your Way
“Turn off those overhead fluorescent lights and instead use desk and floor lamps,” says Olmstead. Harsh fluorescent lights cause headaches and tension that can lead to workplace arguments, she says.

6. Connect to the Company
If you’re not feeling connected to your employer, place logo objects like a corporate mug in your workspace, especially if you telecommute. “When members of a work group have the same items and company colors in their workspace,” says Olmstead, “they feel like they belong to a group and are more productive.”

7. Face the Future
To move forward in your career, hang a picture of something that motivates you on the wall that you face when you work at your desk, says Olmstead. “Whether it’s a travel poster, dream house, or anything in between, just make sure the image sends a strong success message.”

8. Personalize Your Desk
“The wealth area of your desk is the upper left-hand corner,” says Olmstead, “so place your phone there or an object that makes you feel successful and wealthy. “Keep photos of your loved one in the upper right hand corner, which is the relationship area."

9. Go with the Flow
"Place a small oriental rug in your office to represent the flow of abundance into your career,” Olmstead says. The moving pattern symbolizes water and prosperity flowing into your space. Place the rug either at the entry to your workspace or under your feet for grounding.

10. Bring in a View
“Even if you don’t have a window you can feel connected with the natural world outside by hanging nature posters and photos,” said Olmstead. Images of flowers, mountains, forests, or rivers will simulate looking outside to a beautiful view and increase productivity.

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