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Take Feng Shui on Vacation: 10 Tips to Assure a Great Trip

North Bethesda, Maryland—If you are traveling this summer, you can take some of the comforts of home along by following a few simple Feng Shui tips. Whether you are staying in a hotel, beach house, or rented condo, a little bit of Feng Shui goes a long way toward assuring harmony on your vacation, says Carol M. Olmstead, Certified Feng Shui Practitioner.

Here are Olmstead’s 10 Feng Shui Tips for a Great Vacation:

1. Before you leave, throw out all perishable food in your refrigerator and arrange for a neighbor to take out your trash so you do not come home to spoiled food or bad smells.

2. Speaking of smells, ask to see your hotel room before you agree to it; if it smells smoky, musty, or just plain bad, ask for a different one.

3. Unpack as soon as you get to your destination so you can quickly settle in and make the space your own.

4. Store your luggage in the closet, since suitcases under the bed represent walking away from a good night’s sleep.

5. Bring a memento from home with you to display, such as a family photo, so your room feels more like home than a borrowed space.

6. Rearrange the furniture if the arrangement feels uncomfortable or if you keep stubbing your toes; just be sure to put it back in its original place before you leave.

7. If the mirror is opposite the bed you will not sleep restfully; call housekeeping for an extra sheet or towel to throw over the mirror at night.

8. If you can see the toilet from the bed it will drain your energy; keep the door closed at night while you sleep.

9. Bring a small night light and flashlight with you so if you get up at night you will not walk into the furniture, or that closed bathroom door.

10. Unpack and put away your suitcases as soon as you get home; suitcases left near the front door represent tying to escape from your current life situation.

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