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Zoom with a View Room Rescue

Zoom with a View Room Rescue
Are you doing more Zoom meetings these days? That means you're looking at everyone else's room and wondering if yours is sending the right professional message. If you're talking with friends and family, it doesn't matter. But if you are working from home and meeting with your clients or colleagues, image still counts. Even if you are secretly wearing your PJ bottoms, undershorts, or yoga pants (like everyone else), you can't hide your room. Zoom does have virtual backdrops available, but they don't work all the time or with all computers, and they don't project the real you. My low-cost Zoom with a View Room Rescue Consultation is for you.

We'll connect via Zoom, then you will "walk" me around your room so I can use Feng Shui principles to recommend the best background for your online meetings. That way, we can stage your background to reflect who you truly are as a professional. These recommendations also work for FaceTime and Skype calls. During this 30-minute consultation, I will also give you suggestions for rearranging some of the objects in the room. I can also answer your other Feng Shui questions to help you create a harmonious space that's conducive to working at home, especially if you usually work outside the home.

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