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Feng Shui Money Bags Hoax E-mail

Sat Jul 02 2011 | Author: Carol Olmstead
Did you receive that "Feng Shui money bags” hoax e-mail? The one that says “this month has 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays, and 5 Sundays, and this happens only once every 823 years and that this is Chinese Feng Shui.” The message urges that if you forward the e-mail to your friends in order for money to arrive on your doorstep within four days. The Facebook version asks you to copy the post to your status in order for the money to arrive, and that those who don’t read and don’t copy will be without money.

Fear not, becasue it's not Feng Shui, it isn’t even that unusual, and forwarding the e-mail won’t make you wealthy. Try not to feel intimated by this e-mail hoax, and don’t feel you need to forward the e-mail to anyone. You'd be amazed at the number of people who have forwarded that e-mail to me asking if it is legit. I tell everyone who asks that this is not Feng Shui, just another e-mail hoax, if for no other reason than the ancient Feng Shui masters never used chain letters to bring luck. Here's the explanation of why it's not true.

First, the premise of this e-mail is untrue because the occurrence of 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays in one month occurs much more often than once every 823 years. In fact, it happened in 2005, 1994, 1988, 1983, and will happen again in 2016, 2022, and in years beyond.

Second, while there is a “money bag” symbol in ancient Chinese Feng Shui, it certainly doesn’t involve forwarding e-mail. In the Chinese culture, the Happiness Buddha carries the “money bag” sack over his shoulder and goes around handing out gifts. That’s why you often see the statues or images of the Happiness Buddha in Asian restaurants and businesses.

Third, you can create wealth by paying attention to the Wealth Area in your home, which is the area in the upper left hand corner. That means instead of forwarding the money bags e-mail, try removing the clutter from this area of your home, then placing objects here that make you feel wealthy, abundance, and prosperous. That's the Feng Shui way to attract wealth.

Want more tips to attract wealth? Here is my top ten list of quick Feng Shui changes to attract wealth --

1. Clean Your Windows. Windows are the eyes of your home and when they are dirty your vision is cloudy: clean them and you will clearly see opportunities.

2. Replace Burned Out Light Bulbs. If your rooms are dark, your financial future will be equally dim, so install bright bulbs for a bright outlook.

3. Tighten Knobs and Door Handles. If your handles are loose, symbolically you can't get a grip on your money, so tighten them and wealth will be within your grasp.

4. Replace Dead Plants. Dead plants represent dead energy, so replace them with healthy living plants to symbolize expanding and growing wealth and prosperity.

5. Keep Toilet Lids Down. Water represents abundance, so keep the toilet lids down or you will symbolically flush away your wealth.

6. Clear Out Under Your Bed. Under-bed clutter means lost sleep, so remove storage from under your bed and you will wake up to new possibilities.

7. Clean Your Mirrors. If your mirrors are dirty you can't see yourself clearly, so clean them to reflect positively on your ability to attract wealth.

8. Clean Your Front Door. Positive energy enters through the front door, and an unattractive door repels abundance, so clean your door to invite prosperity to visit.

9. Remove Objects from Behind Doors. Blocked doors represent blocked opportunities, so remove anything that keeps doors from opening completely and you will expand your options.

10. Fix Drips and Leaks. Leaking water represents leaking wealth, so fix your leaks and you will keep money from draining out of your life.

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