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Success Stories

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Barbara's Trifecta

Wed Jun 26 2013 | Author: Carol Olmstead
The best part of being a Feng Shui consultant over the past 15 years has been the Feng Shui success stories that I get to share with my clients, students, and readers. This has been an especially good week because I received three success stories, and I'd like to share this one. Barbara is a longtime friend and colleague who has put a lot of Feng Shui advice into action, including arranging her hospital room and home environment to help healing after surgery. (You can read these Feng Shui tips for healing in the September 2011 Feng Shui For Real Life E-zine.) I was delighted to get her recent email with some especially good news related to wealth and abundance.

Here’s what Barbara wrote:
After reading your last wonderful newsletter, I was motivated to "step up" my cleaning up and rearranging my office. It’s a small space, but workable. I noticed by looking at the bagua that my Wealth area was obstructed by a pile of tote bags, recyclable grocery bags, computer bags, etc. I removed the pile from the upper left part of my office by dispersing and putting the various bags in true storage locations like the coat closet, on a high bookcase shelf, and such. Within the week, I had a trifecta of wealth related wonders:
1. A contract that had been put on hold for lack of funding got almost fully restored
2. I was accepted to a prestigious leadership program, a top goal of mine for the year.
3. I won First Place in the local Sister Cities International Poetry Competition for Disabled Writers

Lots of hard work went into these three things, but opening up my wealth area definitely allowed them to flow into my life. Thanks for your ongoing excellent, practical, and educational advice.

And here's her beautiful poem:

My Difference
Barbara Chatzkel

I am here, it whispered.

I know, I murmured in reply.
You weren't always here.
I was happy. Life is different now.

At first I was scared because I wasn't the same and people thought I was.
They said, "you look great, you're fine, nothing is wrong."
So, I decided to believe them and act like nothing was different.

I am here, it whispered.

And I know you were.
You were invisible, but you changed me profoundly.
I was different and couldn't always know how.

Yet, I still fought you because I couldn't see the invisible.
And those around me didn't want to see the invisible.
So, who was the joke on?

I am here, it whispered.

I became hopeful. I'm different now, I said.
Different means different -- not better, not worse, but different.
My hope asked me to become friends with my difference.

I am here, it whispered.

So, we got to know each other -- my difference and me.
Hope sat with us and listened.
With each new understanding, hope grew.

I am here, it whispered.

Yes, I know, and you are a special part of me now.
With my difference and hope and me all as one,
I am amazing.

I am here, it whispered.

Yes, I know. You and I are one.
When I cannot do as I did before,
You challenge me to embrace my difference and be me.

I am here, it whispered.
Yes, and together we can achieve the impossible.

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