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There's a Carp in the Tub

Sun Jun 02 2013 | Author: Carol Olmstead
Well, there really isn’t a carp in my tub, it’s the smaller variety - goldfish – and there are nine of them to be exact. And they aren’t actually in the tub, they’re in the new painting I just hung over the tub in my master bathroom. But every time I look at it I can’t help singing the cute song of the same name that my grand kids love to hear.

I usually recommend against hanging images that show water in a bathroom, but this was a special circumstance. Bathrooms came be a complicated issue in modern Feng Shui because they are full of water, an Element that’s associated with the flow of wealth. But in a bathroom, that water is "contaminated" because it goes down the toilet as waste and down the drains combine with dirt. So the challenge is to symbolically dry up the some of the water. This wasn’t an issue in ancient China where Feng Shui was first developed, because bathrooms weren’t inside the house. Well, I’m not about to give up my indoor bathrooms, and I’ve yet to meet clients who are volunteering to give up theirs, so bathrooms take some Feng Shui “curing” no matter where they're located in a home.

The easy way to balance bathroom chi is to add either the Fire, Earth, or Wood Element. Fire will dry up the water, Earth will sop it up, and Wood will absorb it. My bathroom has a healthy amount of tile in shades of brown, so I’ve got the Earth Element covered, I’ve added candlesticks and some towels in a color called “salsa” to handle the Fire Element, and I have teal towels near the tub to represent the Wood Element. But the complication is that my master bathroom is located in the Wealth Area, and that’s a place where too much Water can drown Wealth.

If I were designing a home I would never locate a bathroom in a Wealth Area, but like so many of my clients, what you see is what you get when it comes to buying a home. So my bathroom needed a bit more “curing.”

I decided to display the traditional Feng Shui wealth enhancement, which is an image of nine goldfish, eight gold and one black, that helps attract wealth by activating growth and movement. The single black fish represents protection for your health and career, as well as increased earnings.

I searched online, but all of the paintings I found were just too Asian looking for the décor in my home (sort of Santa Fe meets Tuscany) and since I wanted something a bit playful, I commissioned my own painting from artist Morgan Leshinsky, who has a certain way with animal images. I hung “Nine Goldfish" this weekend, and the next time I checked my e-mail I saw that a new client had registered for a Room Rescue Consultation. So the magic of the nine goldfish has begun. I’ll have more success stories to share about in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, every time I walk into the bathroom and see my “Nine Goldfish” hanging over the tub, I can’t help but smile at the lyrics that play in my head:
There’s a carp in the tub,
There’s a carp in the tub…
So nobody’s taking a bath.

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