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Why You Should Leave Your Bathroom Door Closed, According To Feng Shui

Why You Should Leave Your Bathroom Door Closed, According To Feng Shui
It's a general rule of thumb that when visiting the home of a friend, neighbor, or acquaintance, a closed door subliminally states do not enter. This general belief obviously applies to the bathroom, because not everyone wants to turn the corner and get a whiff of potpourri or a view of the loo. And not everyone is keen to show off one of their most intimate rooms, either. (That is, unless your bathroom has been recently remodeled and includes a magical bidet that syncs up to your Bluetooth and plays music.) For the most part, it's a private room meant for, ahem, private things.

The ancient Chinese art of feng shui backs up this closed-door policy. If you're not quite sure what that is, Feng Shui for Real Life notes that it's basically a thoughtful way of arranging objects (and space) so that your environment has maximum positive qi (pronounced chi) — or energy — flow. It creates a balanced atmosphere where everything and everyone residing within that space lives harmoniously. But how exactly does keeping your bathroom door closed relate to this mystical Eastern philosophy?

The words feng shui translate to "wind water," which are also what the Chinese contribute to good health and abundance, per Bless and Soul. This philosophy also harnesses the power of the elements — wood, fire, earth, metal, water — and is only successful if they're all working together in a harmonious group. Each of the five elements has different associations in terms of meaning, color, and shape.

Wood is linked to growth and expansion, while fire is associated with energy and passion. Earth, meanwhile, symbolizes balance and stability, incorporating browns and yellows, and metal is linked to strength and independence. Lastly, water is associated with emotions, inspiration, and abundance (or wealth), featuring blue hues and black, as well as curvy shapes, per Feng Shui for Real Life. It is this last element that leads us back to the bathroom, where water is obviously present, and the discussion of an open or closed door.

Now, think of all the places in your home where water is frequently used. The bathroom takes the top spot. Your sink, shower, and toilet are all massive water wasters, though installing water-conserving shower heads and toilet banks can help out with that. Inhabitat notes that since water represents money and abundance, the last thing you want to do is watch that go down the drain. Luckily, it's noted that this flushed water (or money energy) does return to your home.

To prevent the qi that's circulating all around you from also getting sucked down the drain (and disappearing forever), feng shui practitioners recommend you keep your bathroom door shut. It's also recommended that you keep the toilet lid closed. This will make it more difficult for your overall qi to find an unintentional escape route. Plus, who wants to open the door to the restroom and be greeted by an open toilet?

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