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Feng Shui For a Successful Sale

Feng Shui For a Successful Sale
Feng Shui For a Successful Sale
Lisa Smith
Eldorado Living Magazine

We used the services of Carol Olmstead, owner of Feng Shui For Real Life, on our home and offices, and it made a noticeable difference. Carol provides residential and business consulting as well as workshops and training nationwide.

Carol, tell us how important is Feng Shui when selling a house?
Feng Shui is the art and science of arranging your surroundings in balance and harmony with the natural world. We all know how it feels to walk into a space that feels wonderful, in contrast to waling into a space where you can’t wait to leave. Feng Shui staging helps sell a house because people immediately feel like this is a space they want to make their own.

What can be done to the front of the house for maximum curb appeal?
The front door is the “mouth of chi” in Feng Shui because that’s where good energy and wealth enter your home. If you have a wood door, that’s fine because it represents growth. But, check your door frequently, and repair or replace it if it’s cracked, chipped, or faded. Also, replace your doormat on a regular basis because it will fade and look worn. Trim back bushes and clear away dead leaves, pull weeds, and prune overgrown plants.

What sector of the house should sellers focus on?
The Helpful People area. Standing at your front door and looking in to the house, the Helpful People sector is located in the lower right area, which is activated by metal objects. This is a good spot for a small, decorative metal box with an affirmation inside that speaks to attracting the perfect buyer. For example, it could say: “I now attract the perfect buyer at the perfect price.”

Is there a Feng Shui application for getting a good deal or to help cultivate a smooth transaction.
To attract a smooth transaction, clear the way for buyers to find the house. That means no obstructions om the path to your front door. Also, the most abundant path is one that gently curves, rather than a straight line (called a “poison arrow”) to your door. If you have a straight path, plant or place colorful flowers or bushy plants along the sides of the path to symbolically curve it.

Tell us about the use of mirrors in Feng Shui.
A mirror can attract or repel energy. I’ll use a mirror when we want to bring in a great view, or symbolically “move out” a wall to correct the shape of a home. My most important tip is to avoid hanging a mirror directly across from the front door, because it will send the positive energy (and buyers) back out the door instead of drawing good things into the home.

What about the decluttering and depersonalizing process?
Buyers want to visualize their possessions fitting into your home. That’s why it’s important to clear clutter and make your home feel spacious. You don’t want buyers forming opinions about you to use to lower their offer. That means removing family photos, as well as items that tell buyers too much about your history and lifestyle. Pack these up and move into temporary storage as a sign you are ready, willing, and able to move forward to a new home.

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