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"Ringo Receiving" by Martha Brettschneider

Ringo Receiving by Martha Brettschneider
Ringo Receiving, another brilliant photo by Martha Brettschneider of Damselwings Photography, is part of the series of art pieces specifically chosen to work as Feng Shui enhancements or cures for various bagua areas in your home or in hour workplace. Martha's art helps you attain "mindfulness through pretty pictures."

Feng Shui Enhancement for Wealth and Abundance: To attract wealth or retain the abundance you already have, choose red images to activate the Fire Element. Click here to download a bagua map to locate this area.

Where to Locate: Hang this photograph in the Wealth/Prosperity Area of your home, in your home office, or in your workplace.

Artist Statement: My work is inspired by my passion to facilitate mindful living, encouraging busy people to slow down, take a breath, ground yourself in the present moment, and notice the beauty in your midst. My specialty is macro floral photography, which, especially when printed on metal, brings the tiniest details and subtlest forms of nature's creativity into full view. My garden was my first mindfulness mentor - the only place my thoughts were stilled - when I started digging in the dirt more than 20 years ago. Shooting in the field lets me capture the interplay of light and the life force of my subjects, bringing an energy to the images that simultaneously calms the viewer while sparking a rejuvenating connection with nature and the present moment. Martha is author of Blooming Into Mindfulness - How the Universe Used a Garden, Cancer, and Carpools to Teach Me that Calm Is the New Happy.

Title: "Ringo Receiving"
Artist: Martha Brettschneider
Medium: Metal or Fine Art Paper
Sizes: Various
Price: Determined by size.
Click here for sizes, prices, and to preview on your wall!

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