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Feng Shui Art Consultation

Feng Shui Art Consultation
Personalized Help in Choosing and Placing Your Art

Now that you bought it, where do you hang it, or display it, or place it?

It’s easy to fall in love with art, but it’s not always as easy to decide where to locate it in your home or workplace to activate its Feng Shui power. Art is personal, and the choice of where you locate your art says a lot about your values, thoughts, and their desires.

Don’t know where to start?

My off-site Feng Shui Art Consultation is for you. This low-cost package is designed to help you locate your art where it will help you attract wealth, harmony, love, and so much more. I can also help you decide which pieces to buy.

In Feng Shui, the the colors, shapes, and textures of your art are called The Five Elements. Each Element is represented by a color or colors, and when you display these colors in the correct location in your home, office, or business, you activate the attributes of the Element and bring its qualities into your life. For example, the passionate colors of the Fire Element ignite love and romance and encourage conversation, the stable Earth Element colors increase security, the strong Metal Element colors represent purity, the flowing Water Element colors relax you, and the growing Wood Element colors promote expansion.

However, when these Elements are placed in the inauspicious location, you won't attract what you desire.

The Feng Shui Art Consultation includes:
  • • Analysis of a floor plan or sketch of one room or area.
  • • Review of photos or a short video of your art and your space.
  • • 45-minute phone consultation with Feng Shui Expert Carol Olmstead.
  • • Personalized art plan for placing the art you already have, or for acquiring new pieces.

After you register for the Feng Shui Art Consultation, you will receive instructions for e-mailing the floor plan or room sketch, directions for creating a short video or photos of your space and your art, and information about scheduling your session. During the conversation, Carol will give you an explanation of what your art means in Feng Shui terms, and recommendations for where to locate it to activate areas of the Feng Shui bagua. You can take notes or tape the session.

Special Internet Price
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Item #: FS1365

Outside the US, please e-mail first for price.

"Tulip Pair" by Martha Brettschneider of Damselwings Photography, is an excellent choice to activate the Love/Relationships area of your home.
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