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Feng Shui for Peace of Mind at Work

Sat Jan 27 2018 | Author: Carol Olmstead
This week, I'm posting excerpts from my interview with Carole Jakucs, BSN, RN, PHN, for While she was writing specifically for the nursing profession, these tips apply equally to all high-stress professions and situations. The practice of Feng Shui, Carole writes, can take your self-care plan to a new level. She included a link to my "Elemental Personality Quiz" to help nurses and others identify the Feng Shui Element that influences their personality.

Here's what Carole Jakucs wrote:

Nursing is a high-stress career that requires its professionals to maintain their overall health in order to prevent exhaustion and compassion fatigue. Adopting an exercise regimen and healthy eating habits are well-known to benefit both body and mind, but there are other practices out there that can add more depth to a self-care plan - including meditation and Feng Shui.

Carol Olmstead, FSIA (a certification from the Feng Shui Institute of America) and Feng Shui master practitioner, adds "Nurses also can also practice Feng Shui on the job by clearing clutter at workstations and in patient rooms." Also, opening blinds and curtains to let the daylight in whenever possible creates a better environment by relying less on fluorescent lighting, which is harsh on the eyes," she says.

If having fresh flowers or plants at work isn't possible, silk flowers work since silk is part of nature, she added.

Olmstead said if you only have time to do one thing to get started with Feng Shui, begin by clearing clutter. "Clutter blocks the flow of Chi," Olmstead said. "Chi is energy. Anything that holds back the flow of Chi is a negative in your environment. Clutter represents delayed decisions and the inability to move forward."

When removing clutter, think of the 3 Rs - remove, repair or replace. Also, if you don't like it, love it or need it, why hold onto it, she asks her clients.

Olmstead agrees that the goal of Feng Shui is to create a balanced, harmonious environment indoors that makes you feel like you're connected to nature, and she shares Feng Shui basics on her website Feng Shui For Real Life.

"Think of how we feel when we're outdoors with the breeze blowing, sitting near a body of water and feeling the warmth of the sun," she said. "We're trying to create these same feelings when we're indoors."

Olmstead, who offers tips sheets on her website on ways to start practicing Feng Shui at home and at work, says knowing which Feng Shui Element they are can help nurses create a more relaxed environment for themselves.

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