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Feng Shui For Troubled Times

Tue Oct 17 2017 | Author: Carol Olmstead
What's stressing you today? Natural disaster, terrorism, violence, cyber hacks, politics? It feels like we find something new to worry about daily, on top of our own personal struggles. People report feeling angry and powerless. I wish I could give you a Feng Shui solution to all the world's problems. What I can do instead is share these Feng Shui tips for making your home feel harmonious, so it can be your oasis of calm in a crazy world.

Create order. To keep your interior environment as stress-free as possible, start by removing clutter. A cluttered environment is a chaotic one. And that chaos keeps you from being able to renew, restore, slow down, and let go when you arrive home because you're too busy fighting with all that "stuff" around you. An uncluttered environment helps chi flow smoothly, so you'll feel less anxious, less pressured, and generally in a better mood. Here's my Feng Shui "permission slip": It's OK to get rid of everything you don't like, don't need, and don't use anymore no matter how much you paid for it. Keep and display only what you love.

Refresh the colors. When you're already full of fire from the conflict around you in a troubled world, coming home to hot, Fire Element colors like red may keep you from relaxing. Try removing some of the red and hot orange accessories and instead surround yourself with the color blue for relaxation and green for renewal. It's also helpful to have a warm, neutral color on the walls instead of cold, stark white. Check to assure your colors and patterns aren't in conflict with each other. If a pattern is jarring to your eye, it's going to make you feel stressed and cranky without realizing what's causing the problem. Try switching to solids in your accessories instead of stripes, plaids, or huge bold patterns.

Lighten up. Make sure the lighting in your home is not too harsh. Modern lighting has come a long way since those CFL corkscrews first replaced incandescent bulbs, but now you have too many choices. Look for full spectrum lighting that mimics natural daylight, and choose bulbs with warmer tones. Light is considered to be upbeat yang energy, so in troubled times you want to bring in all the light you can to balance dark yin energy from the violence and chaos. Also bring in all the natural sunlight you can by cleaning your windows and opening the window treatments.

Connect to nature. Treat yourself to fresh flowers and healthy living plants with rounded, bushy leaves. Avoid plants with thorns or spikes, since they will add to the sharpness you already feel outside of your home. Add the scent of lavender to your environment for its calming effect, especially in your bedroom to help you sleep. Precious stones can be used to deflect bad energy and to attract and boost good luck. Display amethyst stones to promote calmness and reduce anger and irritability and encourage tranquility.

Change the view. If there's anything in your home that "drives you nuts," it's raising your anxiety level even when you're not at home because it continues to occupy your mind. This includes projects that never get finished, wall cracks that need repairing, stained furniture that needs some TLC, and everything else you've been postponing. Here's where I suggest you follow my Rule of 3Rs: Remove, Repair, or Replace these items right now. Also, if you have an unattractive view from any one of your windows, hang window treatments to block it to help you change your point of view, literally and figuratively.

Surround yourself with people. The constant bombardment of bad news can make you feel alone in a disconnected world. Counter this feeling by displaying images of your family, friends, and pets. You can also surround yourself at home and at work with images of your favorite places, especially photos of your visits there with special people. Play soothing music or nature sounds in the background so you can actually have a conversation with your friends and family, and consider a white noise machine to block out outside distractions.

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