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Feng Shui Friendly Skies

Fri May 19 2017 | Author: Carol Olmstead
For almost 20 years, I've been practicing the art and science of helping people arranging their space to assure harmony. Last month, I experienced first hand how that interior space extends to air travel when I flew on four United flights within one week. Now, I'm not going to use this post to defend or defame United or any other airline, and thankfully I didn't experience any outrageous incidents of bad behavior. Let's just say that there are good and bad people working for and flying on every airline and leave it at that. But, this trip turned out to be a great illustration of how an interior environment affects behavior.  
The first three flights were on 737s - the seats were close together, the aisles were narrow, the lavatory was claustrophobic, and the overhead bins were so stuffed they asked for 10 people to gate check their bags. Sound familiar? In general, people were in a bad mood. There was lots of grumbling and loud talking.

When I boarded that third flight, I was surprised to find a deadheading flight attendant sitting in my assigned exit row aisle seat. She refused to move until I showed her my boarding pass to prove it was my seat. Turned out she was assigned to the middle seat. Now, in the scheme of things, initially taking the wrong seat is not a major offense, it happens to every flyer at some point in time. But all she had to do was apologize, or make a joke out of it, or simply say "oops" instead of assuming I was at fault. No, instead she chose to continue her conversation with the other deadheading flight attendant in the window seat.

My last flight was on a 767, a huge, comfortable, spacious, wide-body plane. The seats were soft leather with adequate legroom, the beverage carts easily traveled down the aisles without taking out elbows, the overhead bins were numerous, and many middle seats were open. Everyone had free movies and TV, with programming worth watching instead of that awful stuff you have to pay for on most flights. The flight attendants did their jobs with smiles and friendly conversation. Takeoff was delayed on the tarmac for 30 minutes because of an ATC hold at the destination, and then delayed 20 minutes after we landed waiting for an open gate, but the friendly pilot kept up informed. No one was angry. No one complained. No one threw a tantrum. Everyone remained positive.

The guiding principle for my Feng Shui work is that we are profoundly affected by our interior environment, so the moral of my story is simple: if you crowd people into ugly, uncomfortable space, they react negatively and sometimes act out. But, if you seat people in pleasant, comfortable space, they will do the right thing every time. To protect airline passenger rights, Congress recently called the airline heads to testify. Now, it's time to ask a Feng Shui practitioner to testify - and to listen to her advice about how to create Feng Shui friendly skies.

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