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Back on Track in the Garage

Wed Mar 08 2017 | Author: Carol Olmstead
I couldn’t take it any longer so I finally cleaned the garage. Like so many houses I consult in, ours has the garage in the “Helpful People” area. That means it relates to clients and mentors and people who support us. And that area of our lives needed some TLC.

The tracks of brown road sand that we dragged in the last time it snowed were driving me especially crazy (car pun intended here). We only got a dusting of snow, but a sandstorm of grit came in with the car and wasn’t going anywhere on its own.

I did the usual things first: I broke down the cardboard boxes and took them out to the recycling can; I straightened the top of the work bench; I made sure the cleaning products were separate from the canned food. I keep a few boxes of my book in the Wealth Area of the garage, so I replenished that supply. But mainly, I swept everything clean. And I swept the dirt out toward the door, not in toward the house, so any negative energy went out and away. I kept at it until I could actually see the floor again. The result? I hate to sound smug, but my book orders increased, my husband’s outstanding contracts were finally signed, I scheduled a bunch of clients. In general, things felt back on track.

In Feng Shui, an attached garage needs to be treated the same as any other room in the home. Often when I show up for a consultation, my client tries to change the subject when we get to the garage. More than one has tried to block my access to their “dumping ground.”

I recommend decorating a garage according to the bagua areas, because for many of us it's the first “room” we enter when we return home. We have a collection of humorous and inspirational art pieces in the Wealth Area of our garage, including some of my "shoe" posters.

Here are a few suggestions to organize your garage according to Feng Shui principles:
• Empty everything out of the garage.
• Look inside each box or storage tub and pull out the contents so you won’t be surprised later. Label the containers.
• Give the garage a good sweeping - out toward the garage door rather than in toward the house.
• Look at your empty garage and decide in which areas you will store your items according to how you use them, such as gardening items, sports equipment, tools, etc. Be sure to think vertically as well as horizontally, since the idea is to create as much floor space as possible.
• Pick up each object and decide if you are keeping it. If you are, place it in the appropriate location.
• If you decide you no longer need an item, sort it into one of three piles: donate, sell, or toss. Keep sorting until everything has found a home.
• Take the “toss” pile out to the trash, load the “donate” pile into the trunk of your car so you won’t forget to take it to your favorite donation site the next day, and go online and list the items you plan to sell on online auction sites.
• Think about whether you really need that old refrigerator in your garage since it could be running up your energy bills.
• Hang artwork in your garage, especially bright and sunny images, or a bulletin board near the door to the house displaying family photos, jokes, and inspirational quotes. This will make you feel even more "at home" as soon as you get out of your car.

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