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(Better) First Impressions Feng Shui Initiative

Feng Shui Goes On-Demand For The First Time In New Service For Nervous Romantics, Launched By Home Services app

Daters concerned about a potential partner's first impressions of their home can now, in a US first, obtain an on-demand Feng Shui consultation designed to optimize the chances of romantic compatibility and avoid knee-jerk, passion-killing condemnation and judgment.

Available for free throughout July to users of the on-demand home services app, the "(Better) First Impressions Feng Shui initiative" draws on the expertise of Carol Olmstead of Feng Shui For Real, an expert committed to the real-world application of the ancient Chinese art and science of harmonizing individuals with their surrounding environment.

Carol is being made available on-demand via the Handy app to Americans needing urgent advice on how to change aspects of their homes (for example, furniture, books, photographs, art) that might shape the first impressions – and ultimate outcome – of the initial visit by a potential love interest.

After an analysis of the publicly-available social media photos and images shared by the future guest (via platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest), which can reveal both aesthetic tastes and personality traits, Carol will provide a live consultation via Skype or FaceTime. During the consultation she will advise on how to optimize the nervous dater’s home, using the possessions that they already own and love to make a better first impression. The service will be for free, though subject to availability.

The initiative was inspired by responses to a Handy-commissioned survey in April 2016 by UC Berkeley’s Center For The Built Environment that revealed the impact the domestic environment has on romance and relationships. Results included:
  • 15% of Americans have broken-up with a romantic partner because of the appearance of the person’s home. (42% of 51-55 year-olds stating that they had chosen to do this)
  • People from Washington DC (29%) and Arizona (25%) are the most likely to split with someone because their home is untidy or unclean
  • A home without toilet paper is considered the most passion-killing factor for women in the US: 47% stated it was the worst thing to see in a partner’s house. For men, ‘general mess’ is the biggest turn-off (48%)
  • Over a third (34%) of Americans admit to hiding photos of ex-lovers before visitors arrived
Umang Dua, Co-founder and COO of Handy, explains the rationale behind the (Better) First Impressions initiative: “At Handy, our mission is to help make our customers’ homes better and more enjoyable – no matter what service they need. One of the most interesting results of our recent study into American attitudes to the home was the extent to which the domestic environment can make or break a relationship. We really wanted to find a way to bring these insights into the real world – in a way that improves our customer’s homes and their lives.”

Carol Olmstead, founder of Feng Shui For Real Life, explains how her insights might help: "In Feng Shui, clutter represents postponed decisions and the inability to move forward. That means when you have too much stuff in your home, there's no room for a new relationship to find you. I'm offering this service to help people rearrange their space, shift the energy, and take the first step to make the best first impression."

Information on the "(Better) First Impressions" Feng Shui service can be found at or #HomeMatters.

About Carol Olmstead: Carol M. Olmstead, FSIA, is a nationally-recognized consultant, author, and speaker specializing in practical, real-world applications of Feng Shui for today's homes and offices. Through her company //'); return false;"> Carol provides residential and business/office consultations and conducts workshops and training nationwide for individuals, businesses, organizations, realtors, and home buyers/sellers. Carol has presented to such diverse groups as Marriott, Leadership Greater Washington, Arlington Arts Center, Mental Health Association, Association of American Medical Colleges, Georgetown University, the U.S. Mint, and NASA.

Known as “The Feng Shui Maven,” Carol practices a contemporary, updated version of Feng Shui that honors the essence of its 5,000-year-old Chinese heritage, but focuses on the practical applications for our culture today. She uses her natural intuitive sense and business savvy to bring easy-to-implement, real-world solutions to improve inauspicious situations and attract wealth, harmony, and love. With residences in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and the Washington, DC area, and clients across the country, Carol understands a wide variety of regional Feng Shui issues. She travels throughout the US for Feng Shui home and business consultations, lectures, workshops, and keynote speeches. Carol is author of Feng Shui Quick Guide For Home and Office – Secrets for Attracting Wealth, Harmony, and Love. Carol has been frequently profiled and quoted in media including Cosmopolitan Magazine, The Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Philadelphia Inquirer, and Washingtonian Magazine.

About Handy: Founded in 2012 and headquartered in New York City, Handy is changing the way people receive and provide home services. Customer turn to Handy for a great experience that provides them with the home services they need, wherever they are, whenever they want it. For professionals, the Handy platform makes it possible for them to have a flexible schedule that they control and meaningful income opportunities.

Handy instantly connects individuals with top-quality, pre-screened independent professionals around the world, offering home cleaning and handyman services. With a seamless 60-second booking process, secure payment, and a 100% money-back guarantee, Handy is the premier, trusted platform for busy people everywhere to book home services. The Handy platform is available in 28 cities across 15 states and three countries. Handy has facilitated over 2 million bookings, served over 500,000 customers and activated over 50,000 independent professionals.

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