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Traveling for the Holidays? A Few Feng Shui Tips Can Help Keep Your Home Safe While You Are Away

News Release
Topics: Traveling for the Holidays /Tips For Keeping Home Safe
December 10, 2007
Contact: Carol M. Olmstead

Santa Fe, New Mexico—According to Certified Feng Shui Practitioner Carol M. Olmstead, an occupied home represents active (or yang) energy, but a house that is vacant can attract quiet (or yin) energy that can make it more vulnerable to burglary. “You can help retain the yin-yang balance in a unoccupied home and keep it safe by following these Feng Shui guidelines,” says Olmstead. She adds that many local police departments are offering the same tips without realizing they are practicing Feng Shui.

Here are some of Olmstead guidelines for keeping your home safe while you travel:

To assure that you return to a comfortable home, Olmstead recommends that you clean your house before you leave and throw out all leftovers and food that will go bad while you are gone. She also recommends that you empty all of the waste paper baskets because even paper trash can become stagnant energy in an unoccupied home.

“Change your linens before you leave,” advises Olmstead, "because whether you stay at a luxury hotel with 600 thread count sheets or at a friend’s house on the lumpy sofa bed you will appreciate the freshness of new sheets when you come home,” she says.

When you return home, Olmstead recommends you open the windows for a short while, even if it is cold outside, so the fresh energy begins to circulate immediately. Then run the water in the kitchen sink and cook something on your stove to restore activity and bring nourishment back into your home.


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