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Better First Impressions

Better First Impressions
Is your apartment or home too dirty for dating, too messy for marriage, too poorly prepared for parents or in-laws to visit? Need to make a great first impression on the boss, but you’re afraid to set up a dinner party because your home might send the wrong message?

The Better First Impressions consult is the perfect way to get a clearing and cleanup "quick fix" from Carol Olmstead, your personal Feng Shui expert. With this rapid response service, Carol will conduct a 30-minute virtual walk-thru of your apartment, condo, or individual office by Skype, FaceTime, or photos/phone, and give you immediate advice.

This rapid review will give you simple things you can do now to make your home ready to welcome guests now, plus additional Feng Shui issues you can work on later. You'll come away with an immediate list of 3R’s - what to Replace, Repair, or Remove.

Your custom Better First Impressions session will focus on one of these critical first impression rooms:
• Living Room
• Bathroom
• Bedroom
• Kitchen
• Office

Where Do You Have Clutter?
Where you have clutter says a lot about what’s going on in your life. If you're outwardly cluttered with piles of laundry in the bedroom, stacks of magazines in the living room, and mounds of files on your desk, there’s usually an equal amount of disorder going on inside your mind. Here are common clutter locations in your home and the hidden messages they may reveal to your guests:
  • Clutter at the entrance of your home = fear of relationships.
  • Clutter in your closets = unwillingness to examine your emotions.
  • Clutter next to your bed = desire for change or escape.
  • Clutter under your bed = fear of romantic attachment.
  • Clutter on a desk = frustration, fear of letting go, and need to control.
  • Clutter behind a door = detachment from others.

Your Home Matters
The Home Matters Survey 2016, devised in association with Berkeley social and personality researcher Dr. Lindsay Graham, PhD, for the on-demand home services app, explored American attitudes toward their homes. More than 67% of people said they look at their date's home to see how compatible they are, and 15% said they had broken up with someone after seeing their home for the first time. New Yorkers cared most what other people thought of their homes, and those in Arizona, Ohio, and Washington, DC, were most likely to break up with someone because of their home. "Comfort" was the word most associated with home, and "clean" was the sixth. 42% of 51-55-year-olds said they broke up with someone because of their home.

Set up a consultation today and welcome a better first impression tomorrow.
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