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Should I Buy a House at a T-Junction?

Should I Buy a House at a T-Junction?
Home buyers frequently ask me whether they should buy a T-junction house, which is a house located where two streets come together and one is pointed directly at the home. The house in this position acts as a target for the energy rushing down the road. The occupants often feel uncomfortable in the home and don’t know why. Just like an arrow speeding toward a target, traffic and headlights shoot directly at you when you live in a house in this location. Symbolically, you are always “at a crossroads” in your life in a T-junction house. The energy crossing between the two roads becomes so congested and confused it never reaches your door.

In classic Feng Shui this location is called "Tiger Eyes" because the headlights of an oncoming car shine in the windows of a house located at a T-junction and resemble two eyes. This situation is also called a “poison arrow” because it can make occupants feel they are in the middle of a street, sidestepping impending danger. It's difficult to feel settled in a T-junction house because of all the harsh energy directed toward it. Unless you make a few Feng Shui corrections, you may have trouble making decisions, your life may be filled with indecision, and your movements may seem to be blocked.

Some T-junction locations are not as severe as others. For example, if the traffic leading to the intersection is light or if the road leading to the intersection is short, this location is considered less vulnerable since the energy pointed at your home is weaker. But in general, it’s best to avoid buying a house located at a T-junction.

If you already live in a T-junction house, you need to take a few steps to correct this situation. Your primary goal is to attract a slow and gradual flow of positive energy to your door. Here are a few ways you can adjust for this situation:

• Place colorful round ceramic or clay pots with plants on both sides of the door to act as a threshold and slow the harsh energy pointed at you.

• Landscape around the front of your house with scrubs, hedges, or a fence to create a barrier between you and the street that will cushion the effect of the harsh chi.

• Reposition the path to your front door so it turns away from the road.

• Paint your door a different color from the window trim so it becomes more prominent.

• Hang wind chimes or place garden ornaments around the front of your home to direct the chi slowly to your front door.

• Make sure you have good lighting around the front of your home, especially around the front door, to diffuse the glare from headlights coming down the road.

• Hang a convex bagua mirror above the front door to deflect the harsh energy from the road. A bagua mirror is an eight-sided mirror with a yellow painted wood frame, often used as part of a traditional Feng Shui cure. Hanging this mirror is a personal preference, and I don’t recommend you hang a bagua mirror to deflect energy from your home unless this option already appeals to you.

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