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Elemental Spring Clothes

Thu Mar 03 2016 | Author: Carol Olmstead
Spring might not be here officially, but when it comes to clothes shopping, you couldn't find a “puffer” coat if your life depended on it. Everywhere I look, the stores are showing colorful spring clothes. From a Feng Shui perspective, the colors you wear affect your emotions and influence how others judge and respond to you. Each of the Five Elements has specific characteristics, and when you wear the colors and shapes that represent that Element, you project these attributes. Elementally speaking, “you are what you wear.”

I wear the Fire Element when I’m involved in communications. The colors are red, orange, and purple, the patterns are pointed designs and animal prints, the fabrics are satin and shiny textures, and the shapes are angular and form fitting. Red is the ideal color when you want to draw attention to yourself, so I wear it when I give a workshop.

I wear the Earth Element to board meetings to feel stable and grounded. The colors are brown and yellow, the patterns are checks and plaids, the fabrics are tweed, flannel, textured, and the shapes are boxy. Yellow conveys stability so some people wear it when they have to make an important decision. I avoid yellow because it’s simply not my color. And that’s Feng Shui OK. No one should wear a color they don’t like.

I wear the Metal Element to feel elegant. The colors are white, pastel, metallic, the patterns are round, dots, and scrolls, the fabrics are polished, glittery, and shiny, and the shapes are round. I love black polka dots on white fabric because that’s the perfect yin-yang balance. White can be a low-energy color, so I save it for more casual activities.

Full disclosure for the next Element: I’d be happy to wear only black, the color of the Water Element. Think black and you get authority and strength. The other Water colors are navy and deep blue, the patterns are wavy, paisley, and abstract, the fabrics are sheer, and the shapes are flowing. Water Element clothes are great for artistic activities.

I wear the Wood Element for fitness activities and when I want to feel active. The colors are green and blue, the patterns are vertical and stripes, the fabrics are cotton, linen, and ribbed fabrics, and the shapes are rectangular. Green represents growth so it's a great color to wear when I’m trying to learn a new skill or need a pop of energy. Green is a stimulating color so I don’t wear it when I need to feel grounded.

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