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Cleaning and Clearing for Chinese New Year

Mon Feb 08 2016 | Author: Carol Olmstead
Chinese New Year 2016 begins on February 8, and "in with the old and out with the new," is the guiding principle In Chinese households to welcome the Lunar New Year. But you don't have to be Chinese - or even celebrate Chinese New Year - to practice some of this wise advice for cleaning and clearing in anticipation of any special day.

Here are a few of my favorite Feng Shui tips for clearing out old, stale chi to make room for new, fresher energy to find you:

1. Clear the Slate. Reconcile with friends, family, and colleagues and settle any pre-existing disagreements.

2. Clean Thoroughly. Dirt, dust, and trash represent negative chi, so give your home and office a thorough cleaning, and remove items that you no longer need or want. Remember to sweep toward the door rather than into the room.

3. Pay Debts. Pay off any debts before the arrival of the New Year so you can start fresh with no payments hanging over your head.

4. Buy New Clothes. It's customary to buy new clothes and shoes, preferably something in red, the auspicious Fire Element color that attracts positive chi.

5 Decorate with Flowers. Decorate your home and office with fresh flowers and plants, especially narcissus, azalea, orchids, or lucky bamboo. You can read about choosing specific flowers for their symbolism in my blog "Feng Shui and the Language of Flowers".

On the eve of the holiday, offer thanks to higher beings and ancestors for past good fortunes, and ask for their blessings for the coming year. Then, on the actual day of the holiday, be sure to open your front door to actively welcome in positive energy.

About the Year of the Monkey 2016...

The two prominent Feng Shui Elements for the Year of the Monkey are Fire and Metal. Read my blog "Swing into the Year of the Monkey" for a look at what some Asian Feng Shui masters are predicting, and my article "Predictions for the Year of the Monkey," for a peek at what your Chinese Zodiac sign can anticipate.

But, please keep in mind: These are only predictions from Chinese masters, but ultimately you have control over your actions and power over the kind of year you will experience.

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