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Welcome to Feng Shui To The Rescue, a monthly e-magazine with tips, success stories, and clutter-clearing advice to help you make simple Feng Shui changes to attract wealth, harmony, love, and much more.

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The View From My Feng Shui Window
Happy New Year everyone! Thank you for another year of your intriguing questions and positive feedback. I've made a few changes in the newsletter based on your suggestions, including renaming it the "Feng Shui To the Rescue" newsletter to more accurately reflect the focus of my practice these days, and adding a "Feng Shui For All Seasons" section because so much of my advice is seasonally based.

Move 27 Things
Long time readers of this newsletter know that each January I offer my recommendation that you move 27 things to make room for wealth, harmony, love to find you in the coming year. It doesn't matter what you move, where you move it to, or if you move it out of your home, as long as you shake up the energy by moving things around you will see positive results. I usually plan to move my 27 things on New Year's Day, so you'll have to wait to find out what I moved and what happened as a result. And something always does happen.

Why 27 things? The number three is considered auspicious in Feng Shui - there are three sides to a triangle, the powerful symbol representing the Fire Element that helps activate passion, emotion, and wealth - so 27 is a powerful permutation of threes. But in truth as long as you move something, anything, you will see results.

If you're reading this after January 1 and you haven't had time to rearrange anything yet, it's never too late to start off your year with this magical technique. The moves can be small, like removing things from behind doors so they open completely, clearing old clothes from your closet, or replacing old photos with new ones and positioning them in new locations around the house. Or the moves can be major, like moving furniture or replacing artwork that you no longer love.

One of the moves I made a few years ago was to reverse the position of my desk and sofa in my office and move the bookcase to the opposite wall. That gave me a much better "view from my Feng Shui window," and good things have been flowing in ever since, including new clients and new opportunities from unexpected sources.

In past years readers have sent me their success stories about moving 27 things and getting everything from a cash windfall, to an unexpected job offer, to meeting the love of their life in an unexpected place. Rearranging a complete room like I did may be more than you can undertake, but why not simply move something in your home or office and see what happens?

Move 27 things email me with your results and I'll publish them in a future newsletter.

Carol M. Olmstead
Feng Shui Master Practitioner

Feng Shui Tip of the Month – Feng Shui Cures For the Winter Blues
Do you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), also know as the winter blues? Or maybe you're experiencing a serious case of cabin fever? This kind of winter lethargy zaps your energy and all you want to do is crawl back into bed and sleep or eat sweets all day. Even people living in warm, sunny climates can experience the negative effects of the shorter winter days. Fortunately, Feng Shui can come to the rescue. Try these five tips to beat the winter blues:

1. Let There Be Light. Keep your lights on, even during the daytime, and consider replacing your current bulbs with full-spectrum versions that simulate natural daylight. You can also vary your light source to help raise your spirits, combining overhead, task, and floor lighting. In your workplace you can turn off the overhead fluorescents and bring in desk and floor lamps as alternatives. If you still have any of those CFL fluorescent, or "corkscrew," light bulbs around, it's long past time to replace them because their harsh energy is damaging to your health in general and their glare is especially negative if you suffer from SAD.

2. Light a Fire. Surround yourself with the hot, yang energy of Fire Element colors like shades of red and orange to warm up your surroundings and lift your spirits. Try to avoid surrounding yourself with the colors blue, gray, or black that represent dark, yin energy. If you have a fireplace use it as often as possible, and if you don't have one, burn candles to counteract the darker days and long winter nights.

3. Soar to New Heights. Add a few new tall objects to your décor to symbolize upward growth, like tall plants, floor lamps, or high book cases. Add accessories in fabrics with vertical stripes and upward botanical patterns that will pull up your spirits, and avoid horizontal patterns that represent status quo rather than growth.

4. Clear Clutter. Clearing clutter is always a good Feng Shui recommendation, but it's especially important when you suffer from SAD or winter blues because a clutter-free environment represents moving smoothly forward toward a clear future.

5. Heat Up Your Menu. Cook up some hearty stews and use spicy seasonings liberally to activate the Fire Element in your food. Serve your meals on red or orange plates and bowls to add even more Fire to your menu. Avoid eating cold foods during the winter month, and start to bring them back gradually as the days get longer.

Clutter Clinic -- January is Get Organized Month
Every January, the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) challenges us with their "Get Organized" month. Many people start out the year with the right intention, but the clutter returns soon after we lose the buzz of our New Year's resolutions. Here are a few tips to help keep us motivated from my colleague and NAPO professional Hazel Thornton, who was profiled in an Albuquerque Journal article about clutter-clearing:

The start of the year is a popular time to declutter and organize, and it can continue all year with the right strategies, according to professional organizer Hazel Thornton. Putting away holiday decorations is probably the first step for most people, she said. "Don't just pack everything away," Thornton said, "evaluate whether you used it and if you still need those decorations."

Thornton recommends that the best spot to start is the area that's most bothersome, whether it's a closet, the garage, or the kitchen. Thornton and many organizers use the system created by organizer Julie Morgenstern called SPACE - sort, purge, assign a home, contain, equalize.

"People go to the store and get these gadgets they see," Thornton said. "You get the wrong thing, don't need it, and then you just have more clutter." The first step is sorting through things and getting rid of what's not wanted or needed. After sorting and deciding what to give away, Thornton said next comes deciding where things will go. "Clutter happens when things don't have a home," she said. After that, she can help her clients determine what type of bins or containers to buy.

Finally, Thornton said the key to staying organized all year is the last step of SPACE, which is equalize. "Basically this is about maintaining," she said. "Make sure you put things away. That's easy to do if it's not crowded. Don't let your containers and spaces overflow. If they do, it's time to purge again."

Thornton tells clients to follow the "one-in, one-out" rule, especially with clothing. She said if someone has 10 white shirts, she doesn't tell them they can't buy anymore white shirts, but if they do, they must get ride of one white shirt.

Thornton said one of the best things people can do to cut back on clutter is go paperless, which means getting bills and other documents electronically.

The Professional Organizers of New Mexico have put together booklets with tips on how to get and stay organized, which you can download at

You can find a month-by-month guide to clutter clearing in the Feng Shui Quick Guide For Home and Office.

Success Story – Jo's Continuing Success
Last year ended with a most positive update from my client Jo, who I wrote about last August in the post "Jo's Apartment Miracle." Jo was living in an apartment that wasn't being maintained by the landlord, she was suffering from smoke rising from her neighbor's apartment, and there were issues with a low-hanging ceiling. All of this negative energy was making it difficult for her to attract the wealth, harmony, and love she was seeking. I gave her a Feng Shui plan that started with simple things like replacing the old-style harsh CFL light bulbs that were zapping her energy, to moving her bed to a location more conducive to sleep and romance, plus we also did a dowsing to clear the "predecessor chi," or energy from previous occupants. As she moves along her Feng Shui path, Jo's Feng Shui self-awareness continues to result in positive improvements.

Here's what Jo wrote:
Thank you so much for your good work in the world of Feng Shui. I am enjoying new energy and resolve as I hang beautiful O'Keeffe prints around me. It was excellent to move away from being next to a school. When I go back there to visit my old neighbors I can perceive what a drag it is on their energy to be in such a location. What wisdom! Thank you for moving me out of harm's way. Thought you should know something funny. I was having lunch with a friend, and our chat went around to money and wealth. We looked up a reference on the area in the home that governs wealth and I realized (yikes!) that I had placed my son's ashes in that corner. I had placed lots of green plants around, yet... It would appear I still need lots of coaching in Feng Shui. With deep gratitude I move onward.

Share your own Feng Shui Success Story on my Facebook page.

Ask the Feng Shui Maven
Q: You wrote in one of your newsletters that gifts like watches and clocks are not auspicious. Well, my boyfriend gave me a watch for my birthday a few months ago, and since then it feels like our relationship has taken a step back because he doesn't seem to have enough time for me anymore. Am I making too much out of the fact that the gift of a watch could have caused this change?
A:According to Feng Shui principles, a gift of a watch can symbolize stealing time and a limited life span. The best thing to do is to offer your boyfriend a token payment for the watch so it is no longer considered a gift but instead feels like a purchase. Then, you can stop worrying and see how your relationship naturally progresses.

Q: My teenage son wants to paint his bedroom ceiling black, but I'm thinking that's not a good idea. My gut says to stick to a white ceiling. What does Feng Shui think about this?
A: A black ceiling will make it seem like there is no ceiling or roof over your son's room, and that will leave him symbolically "exposed" to the elements. His health could be compromised and he could be more vulnerable to accidents. Also, this would bring too much yin, or heavy, energy to the room which could negatively affect his studies. Go with your gut and paint the ceiling a soft white color.

Q: I'm following your New Year's advice and treating myself to a new red wallet and a new tote bag at the beginning of January to help attract wealth in 2016. But what should I do with the purse and wallet I'm replacing? Is it OK to donate them?
A: If your wallet and purse are in good condition, it's certainly a good thing to donate them to a charity, especially if you leave some money inside to symbolize passing along your wishes for prosperity to the next owner. An inspiring new trend that started as a Facebook post is to fill the purse with snacks and hygiene products and pass it along to a homeless woman. However, if your wallet or purse has holes or is ripped or stained, it should instead go in the trash.

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I always look forward to the announcement by Pantone of their choice for Color of the Year, and for 2016 they picked two, Rose Quartz and Serenity. Only one problem with this color duo - I think Pantone picked the wrong colors to balance what's going on in our world today. Click here to read more about "Two Colors Too Many."

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Beyond Feng Shui – Kids and Online Safety - Tips for Parents
Did you kids get a mobile device for Christmas or Hanukkah? For parents, children's increased internet usage means they help preparing them to recognized the risks they could encounter online. These four essentials from the AllClear ID alert network can help parents get started on this daunting task:

Password Basics. Do your kids know how to create a strong password? All too often, adults choose passwords that aren't secure (think 'password123') so it only makes sense that children do, too. Teach your child the basics of a strong password - letters, numbers, symbols, uncommon words, no important dates, etc. Also, make sure your child knows when, and when not, to enter a password when prompted online.

Share Wisely. Parents can set a good example for their children by sharing wisely themselves on social media. Teach your children not to overshare, and explain that the more information they put out online, the more information thieves have available for cracking your security questions and creating targeted phishing attempts.

Secure Mobile Devices. A survey found that 37% of children didn't have security software on their mobile device, and only 34% of parents have installed a parental control app. Security software and parental control tools are an important way for parents to protect their children.

Cyber-bullying Basics. Help protect your child by teaching them what to about cyber-bullying. Teach them about the blocking and reporting options on Facebook and Twitter so they can control those that have access to their accounts and information on these sites. If abusive messages are received, teach your child to talk to you and to save the messages in case they are needed to give to school administration or the police.

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