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Swinging into the Year of the Monkey

Sun Jan 17 2016 | Author: Carol Olmstead
My annual blog about Chinese New Year always starts with the same disclaimer, that these predictions come from Asian Feng Shui masters, not from me. The Year of the Monkey 2016 arrives on February 8, and the two prominent Elements are Fire and Metal. At the risk of planting self-fulfilling ideas in your head, here’s what my research shows some prognosticators are telling us the new lunar year will bring.

First, there’s a high probability of a war of words between people, politicians running for office, and internationally between countries. OK, all you need to do is read a newspaper or turn on the TV or go online to confirm that one. Because the Fire Element is connected to words, much political infighting is expected. Some world leaders will act even more provocatively than usual, but this will be “…more amusing than dangerous.” International conflicts are likely, but the good news is that “…disputes will be settled rather easily and most conflicts will be short-lived.” We can only hope.

This is likely to be an expensive year, because money is Metal, but Fire melts it. People will spend much more than usual, especially for travel, trendy items, and clothes. Stock markets are likely to fluctuate, but overall global economic growth is expected by the end of the year. The industries that will perform best are those related to Fire and Water Elements, like energy, finance, entertainment, transportation, and communication.

People will have more fun, and humor will be more appreciated. The monkey is considered the “trickster” among the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac, so this let’s us let loose and enjoy more than we have in previous years. Let’s hear it for the return of humor, something we’ve all needed and missed.

The monkey loves change, which means weather will change rapidly, and usually dry places will be wet and vice versa. We’ve already seen this as the wet El Nino weather is replacing the dry La Nina of the past few years. Natural disasters will happen very suddenly and without much warning (don’t they always?), with “…dramatic storms, lightning sparked fires, and volcanoes erupting, but not be as many earthquakes.”

Since monkeys learn by imitation, this is considered a good year for education, arts, and culture. People will watch more movies and television and will want to travel more, especially to fun destinations.

Many people will have a stronger spirit and more energy due to the increase in the Fire Energy. People will want to talk more, laugh more, and feel more playful. But, the Fire energy will also make people "…feel more scattered and disorganized,” which will lead to more anxiety and frustration.

It’s going to be a good year for love and romance. That one can stand on it’s own without need for explanation.

Spirituality and religious fervor will increase and people will feel more open-minded and more tolerant of differences. This means there will be an increase in friendliness and getting together. Who can complain about that?

What does the Year of the Monkey hold for your Chinese animal sign? Click here to read the summary of predictions in the articles on my website.

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