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The Big Red Purge

Sun Jan 10 2016 | Author: Carol Olmstead
The tip in my January Feng Shui To The Rescue newsletter to “move 27 things” to make room for good things to find you in 2016 hit the right note, because I’ve been receiving the most heartfelt messages from people who took this advice and achieved quick results. This is my standard New Year’s Day tip, and every year I include the reminder that you don’t have to go overboard and only need to move 27 things.

File Clearout275
Why 27 things? The number three is considered auspicious in Feng Shui - there are three sides to a triangle, the powerful symbol representing the Fire Element that helps activate passion, emotion, and wealth - so 27 is a powerful permutation of threes. But in truth as long as you move something, anything, you will see results.

Now here’s my confession: I moved a lot more than 27 things. In fact, my big home office purge ended up including two closets, two bookshelves, and three file cabinets.

I started on New Year’s Day with the closet in the “Helpful People” area of my office. That’s where the smaller file cabinet is located and where I keep all those paper supplies that so easily become one big mess. I worked for hours, then did a quick tidy of the bookcase in the “Relationship” area for good measure, then called it quits. At least for the day.

Saturday, I tackled closet #2 in the “Harmony” area of the room. That one has copies of my book, materials and props for my workshops, travel paraphernalia, and crafting supplies including my collection of colored Sharpies (more about that in another blog). That one went quickly so I added a straightening job on the bigger bookshelf in the “Community” area. The trash bags were piling up.

On Sunday, I had no choice but to deal with the big deal, AKA the vertical file in the “Wealth” area where I keep all of my client folders - 18 years of them.

Ever since I launched my practice, I have “opened” a red file folder for each client. In the back of the folder I staple a sheet with contact information, advice they give about the quirks of finding their house, and similar pertinent info. Every client gets written notes during our session, and a copy goes in the file along with a floor plan.

Long ago I began recording all of this information electronically, but I still create folders because I love the tactile sense and the good luck message of the red color. Over the years I’ve purged files, especially removing files of clients who moved, since I don’t need the old floor plan and directions, but despite this the cabinet was stuffed to the point of explosion. I had current and continuing client files that simply wouldn’t fit inside.

And so began the big red purge. I pulled every file, read its contents, wished the client well on his or her journey to achieve wealth, harmony, and love. Then out went the file if it was older than two years.

To my precious clients, please understand that this was not an easy purge for me. I am not deserting you because you’re recorded electronically. Except for a catastrophic iCloud failure, I’ll always have your information - and your back. I wished each of you well with a special message for your special situation.

The result for me on Monday was the predictable increase in calls from potential clients who were rushing to fill the space I had opened up to fit their own new red folders. I don’t mean to sound smug about this, because all clients old and new are equally important to me, but when you make Feng Shui changes you create room for new things to find you – and they always do.

How about you? Did you move your 27 things yet, and if you did, what new energy did it bring to you? Email your success story so I can profile you in a future newsletter.

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