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Welcome to the Feng Shui For Real Life Ezine, a monthly e-magazine with tips, success stories, and clutter-clearing advice to help you make simple Feng Shui changes to attract wealth, harmony, love, and much more.

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Carol's Message for the Month
This issue is coming out much later in the month than usual because I didn't have a lot of spare time for writing. September is the start of my busy season, when people come back from their actual and mental summer vacations and decide it's time to make a change for the better, starting with creating good Feng Shui energy. It could be they want to want to look for a new job, or maybe it's time to update the house so it can go on the market, or perhaps they're launching a self-improvement plan. Whether it's one of the above or a variation of all three, autumn is the time of the year when I get the most questions from clients who have started on a path to some kind of transformation.

My own plan for autumn is to focus on finishing my next book, working title "Feng Shui to the Rescue," which will be filled with the most frequently-asked questions I get from my clients, students, and readers. I've been a Feng Shui practitioner for almost 18 years and it continues to fascinate me how the questions I receive fall into what I call The Big Three categories: Wealth, Harmony, and Love. The frequency of questions in a specific category rises and falls depending on the situation around us. For example, when I first launched my practice in the decades when the US economy was especially prosperous, the questions were mainly about attracting more wealth. After 9-11, I starting receiving more queries using words like "harmony," "serenity," and "security." Questions about love continue to come regardless of what's happening globally, which speaks to that universal need. But, of course, what would my practice be without the offbeat and complex questions, which are especially prevalent in the fall. Like "How do I Feng Shui my ferret's cage?" Yes, actually, I did get that question.

I guess there's something about the change in seasons that brings out the questioning nature in all of us. That's why this month's lead story is all about activating the Fame/Future/Recognition sector, plus some clutter clearing tips for your desk in the Clutter Clinic section, to help you get moving forward this fall.
Carol M. Olmstead
Feng Shui Master Practitioner

Feng Shui Tip of the Month – Powering Up Your Future
Whether you are trying to get recognized at work so you can win that future promotion, gain fans for your first novel, or seek more recognition for all you do at home, you can start by activating the Future Area in your home and workplace. This area, which is located in the upper center of the Feng Shui bagua, is also called the Fame and Recognition Area. Activating this area with the right colors, shapes, and objects helps you receive the recognition you deserve for what you contribute to your world. In general, you activate this area with the Fire Element and the colors red, orange, deep purple, and by triangular shapes.

To attract positive energy to this part of your home or workplace, first locate the Future Area using the Feng Shui bagua. (You can download a bagua to match the shape of your home or workspace from the "Basics" section of my website,

Next, take a look at how you have arranged this room or area and determine if it truly represents how you want others to see you. For example:
Is this the room in your home where you store the old and worn furniture that's no longer "good enough" for the living room or family room? If this is the case, your cast-off furniture sends a message of disregard for your reputation and that you don't deserve anything new, like that promotion.
Is this area cluttered? If so, it represents hoarding and a poverty mentality rather than a prosperity consciousness. You hoard things because you fear you'll never again be able to afford them if you let them go. Feng Shui principles suggest that adopting a prosperity consciousness, or feeling of abundance, will help you attract wealth.
Are the walls empty or in need of repainting? This symbolizes lack of commitment to moving forward, and that life is passing you by. The Feng Shui law of attraction suggests that "you are what you see," so if you are looking at blank, faded, or dirty walls, you are looking at a blank future.
If there is art, does it have depressing themes? If you surround yourself with images that are bleak, lonely, or remind you of unpleasant situations in your past, that's what you will attract into your life rather than the recognition you deserve.

Finally, to enhance your reputation and achieve recognition, display items like these in your Fame/Future/Reputation area:
• Diplomas, certifications, awards, citations for a job well done
• Image of a sunrise, birds soaring, or a hot air balloon lifting
• Objects and art in the colors red, orange, or deep purple
• Pictures of what you want to achieve in the future
• Things made from leather, wool, or feathers
• Triangular or cone-shaped objects
• Vision Board
• Candles

Clutter Clinic -- 5 –Minute-Tips to Cure Desk Clutter
A little simplification would be the first step toward rational living, I think.
--Eleanor Roosevelt

What does the top of your desk look like right now? Is it so organized that you can quickly find whatever you need, or is it a chaotic mess? Can you even find a place to work the top of your desk? Whether you work in a corner suite, a cubicle, or a home office, when you give a little attention to the Feng Shui aspects of your desktop, you help assure that your career will flow smoothly. This is especially important when there's so much "stuff" on your desk that you feel overwhelmed rather than motivated.

Try following these 5-Minute-Tips throughout the day until your desk is clear again:

1. Take five minutes to get rid of any objects that are driving you nuts, like drippy pens and markers, the mechanical pencil that always breaks when you try to write with it, the outdated cartoons and jokes on your bulletin board that no longer make you laugh. What are you saving these things for?

2. Take five minutes to file excess paperwork that's stacked on your desk, like bills, receipts, or client folders. Get rid of anything you really don't need to save.

3. Take five minutes to look in your "To Keep" or "Save" folder and decide whether you really need all that stuff inside, and throw away as much as you can.

4. Take five minutes to look through the stack of business cards on your desk, decide which you need to keep, then enter or scan in the information to your address book and toss the cards.

5. Take five minutes at the end of the day to put away any specific tools and equipment you needed today only, and set out the tools you need for tomorrow's agenda.

You can find a month-by-month guide to clutter clearing in the Feng Shui Quick Guide For Home and Office.

Success Story – Brianna’s New Romance
The first thing Briana talked about when I arrived for her home consultation was how she couldn't meet the right guy, but the first thing I noticed was that her closets were so overloaded there was no room for anyone else's clothes or personal things. When I asked what she was holding on to, she admitted she had trouble getting rid of things from past boyfriends. When we went to her bedroom, the first thing she did was pull down a box of costume jewelry from the top shelf of her bedroom closet that included things like a bracelet from a high school boyfriend. I explained to Briana that in order to make room for a new relationship, she needed to get rid of everything she was holding on to from all of her "Mr. Wrongs" to make room for the one and only "Mr. Right" to enter her life.

Here is what Briana wrote:
Your message came through loud and clear. I started with the dreaded master bedroom closet. I couldn't believe what I found there, like a tee shirt some guy had given me when we played on the same softball team, photos of guys I don't even remember, and some more pieces of jewelry that had sentimental meaning at one time, but that sentiment was long gone. I took no prisoners...the jewelry all went to my little niece for dress up and the rest of the stuff went out. You guessed it, not long after I finished the bedroom closet I met this really great guy at party in my apartment complex. Not sure why I hadn't noticed him before, but maybe everything was just too cluttered for him to find me. How's that for my new "Feng Shui speak!"
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Ask the Feng Shui Maven
Q: I am an artist who shares working studio space in a small arts center in a suburban town center. The artists create and sell their work in the space. The studio used to be a gallery with doors at both ends. Should we keep both doors open or only one?
A: The concern about having two doors in any space where you sell merchandise is two-fold: first, it's hard for potential customers to know which door to enter; second, in your case they may avoid entering because they don't want to interrupt an artist at work. Customers have a tendency to walk in one door of a space like this and then right out the other door without seeing everything the studio has to offer. I recommend you keep only one door open, and clearly mark it as the entrance to the studio. This will encourage buyers to enter the space and assure that they look at all of your creations.

Q: What's the best thing to hang on the wall above my headboard? Landscapes, silhouettes, family photos, black and white photography, abstracts, etc? I've been married for a long time and would like to improve my relationship with my husband.
A: A bedroom should be reserved for rest and romance only, so the ideal art to have over your headboard is anything that feels romantic, coupled, paired, and connected. For example, it could be a romantic scene of a couple holding hands on a beach or sitting in a garden, or even a simple print of a pair of flowers in a vase leaning toward each other. I recommend color artwork and photography rather than black and white or silhouettes to symbolize a relationship filled with color and passion. You should display a current photo of you and your husband, but avoid pictures of family, children, friends, or pets. You can find more tips for decorating your bedroom in the article Master Bedroom Feng Shui in the "Articles" section of my website,

Q: My son is ready to move into his first "big-boy" bed, and we want to buy one that will grow with him. Many of the beds we're looking at have built-in storage drawers underneath. Is this good or bad Feng Shui? I do store thing in boxes below our own bed so using drawers makes good sense to me.
A: The Feng Shui recommendation is to avoid storing anything under your bed to allow the chi to circulate completely around you, which in turn supports restful sleep and good health. Therefore, it's better to choose a bed for you son that doesn't have drawers or built-in storage underneath. In both your son's bedroom and your own, if you must store things under your bed because you have limited storage space, choose only soft things like linens or out of season clothes rather than sharp, pointed, or hard metal objects.

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When an on-site consultation isn't possible, I offer Off-Site and Remote Feng Shui Consulting in the US and internationally for homes, offices, and businesses. There are two options, either Whole House Consultation or the new Room Rescue Package for one room in your home. You will receive advice for re-arranging furniture and accessories, selecting and hanging artwork, choosing the right colors, clutter clearing, re-purposing what you already have.

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Beyond Feng Shui – 7 Hobbies That Can Make Your Smarter
Even though "eating chocolate" isn't on this list of leisure-time pursuits that can make you smarter, I thought it was worth sharing these hobbies that science shows can boost your brainpower.
1. Play a musical instrument. Playing music helps with creativity, analytical skills, language, math, and fine motor skills by strengthening the corpus callosum that links the hemispheres of the brain by creating new connections. That helps with executive skills, memory, problem solving, and overall brain function, regardless of how old you are.
2. Read anything. The benefits of reading are the same whether you are choose novels or the Wall Street Journal, because it reduces stress, which makes you feel better about yourself and therefore increases all three types of intelligence - crystallized, fluid, and emotional.
3. Exercise regularly. Occasional exercise alone doesn't do the trick, science says you need regular exercise to be sure your the cells are flooded with BDNF, a protein that helps with memory, learning, focus, concentration and mental acuity. Some scientists speculate that sitting down for prolonged periods of time has the opposite effect and actually hinders our brain from working as well as it could.
4. Learn a new language. Research shows that people who are bilingual are better at solving puzzles than people who speak only one language. Successfully learning new languages enables your brain to better perform any mentally demanding tasks such as planning and problem-solving, and affects your skill to monitor your environment and to better direct your attention to processes.
5. Test your cumulative learning. One reason studying a new language makes us smarter is because it requires cumulative learning. Apply the concept of cumulative learning to every day life by keeping track of noteworthy bits of knowledge you acquire. Go through takeaways from recent books, observations during an important negotiation, or keep a small journal with anything that strikes your attention.
6. Work out your brain. Sudoku, crossword puzzles, riddles, board games, video games, card games, and similar activities increase neuroplasticity, which gives us more ability to see things from a different point of view and to understand cause and effect of behaviors and emotions. People with high neuroplasticity are less prone to anxiety and depression while learning faster and memorizing more.
7. Meditate. Studies show that during meditation we are in a deeply compassionate state of mind, implying that we can control our own brain waves and feel whatever we want to feel whenever we want to. This means we can feel more powerful right before a negotiation, more confident when asking for a raise, and more convincing during a sales call. The general idea is that the brain can develop further and you can do it on purpose.

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