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Welcome to the Feng Shui For Real Life Ezine, a monthly e-magazine with tips, success stories, and clutter-clearing advice to help you make simple Feng Shui changes to attract wealth, harmony, love, and much more.

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Carol's Message for the Month
I'm getting ready for another trip, so it seemed natural to share my Feng Shui action plan for dealing with all the hotel rooms I've experienced as my lead story this month. No matter whether I'm going to see clients or taking a vacation, or which hotel chain or what city, hotel rooms all seem to have Feng Shui issues that need some attention. My personal pet peeve is the horrendous CFL lighting, even at high-end properties. My second least favorite hotel reality is noise - the A/C fan, the heavy-footed person in the room above, the wedding party in the ballroom below. And speaking of weddings, my favorite hotel story comes from a visit to Annapolis, MD, when the fire alarm went off around 11pm and emptied the hotel. It was too cold to stand outside - I felt bad for the bride shivering in her strapless gown -- so a group of us boarded the nearby sight-seeing trolley and did a few round trips around the city until the fire chief said there was no fire. On my way back inside, the friendly valet tattled that a wedding guest admitted to smoking weed in the hallway and setting off the alarm. As they say, I could write a book. Happy travels to my fellow road warriors, wherever your business and personal travel take you.
Carol M. Olmstead
Feng Shui Master Practitioner

Feng Shui Tip of the Month – Feng Shui For Your Hotel Room
I travel a lot to work with clients all over, and try to fit in a few vacation trips, so I've experienced more than my fair share of the good, bad, and ugly of staying in hotels. In order to cope, I've created this Feng Shui action plan to take control my hotel room and help me sleep restfully and enjoy the trip. Try a few of these on your next trip and let me know if you can notice a change:

Request the best location. Ask for a room that's away from the elevator, ice machine, vending room, heating and air conditioning systems, and the restaurant and bar. Check out both the bedroom and bath before you start to unpack, and if anything smells smoky, musty, or just plain bad, go back downstairs and ask for a different room.

Settle in quickly. Unpack as soon as you can to quickly make the space your own. Store your luggage in the closet, since suitcases under the bed represent walking away from a good night's sleep. Bring a memento from home to display, such as a family photo, so your room feels more like home than a borrowed space.

Open the windows. Open the windows or door to the patio or balcony, if you can, to help the fresh chi circulate and remove any negative energy from previous occupants. If the weather is mild shut off the A/C or heat at night and keep the window open instead.

Rearrange the room. Rearrange the furniture if the setup feels uncomfortable or if you keep stubbing your toes. Don't hesitate to move things around or off of the night table. Unplug that alarm clock if you don't need it and store it in a drawer, move that phone away from the bed, and bring the lamp closer for reading. Take a photo of the room before you start so you can put it back in its original place before you leave.

Drape the mirror. Pack a scarf so you can drape the mirror if it's directly across from the bed, or call housekeeping for an extra towel or pillowcase. A mirror activates the room's chi, and draping it will calm the energy and help you sleep. Plus seeing your reflection the first thing in the morning is considered negative in Feng Shui.

Pack lighting. If you're as sensitive to lighting as I am, carry a 60-watt bulb with you to replace the horrendous CFL in that bedside light. Bring a small night light for the bathroom so you won't get lost getting there at night. Keep the flashlight handy for an emergency. Remember to take all of this home with you.

Move your cell phone. Try to keep your cell phone a few feet away from the bed so you are less disturbed by the electromagnetic fields it creates. I know this is a hard one, but give it a try. I'm simply going to mention that it's best to shut off the phone at night, but I know that one is going to be harder because we all like to feel connected when we're away from home.

Get the chi flowing at home. Unpack as soon as you can when you get home and put away your suitcases. Avoid leaving them near the front door because this represents tying to escape from your current situation. Open the windows for a short while, run the water, and use the stove so the fresh chi begins to circulate. This helps you settle back into your routine quickly, while you still have memories of your trip to support you.

Clutter Clinic -- 5 Ways to Reduce Paper Clutter
This one starts with a mea culpa because the Feng Shui Maven is guilty of keeping too much paper. Although I track my clients electronically, I still "open a file" for each in a red folder as a symbol of good luck. But after 17 years as a practitioner I now have so many folders that my large lateral file cabinet is bulging. That's why the first two items on this list of ways to reduce paper clutter resonate as I do my own Feng Shui clutter clearing.
1. Curtail printing. Do you really need to print that article or report? The less you print, the less you'll have to sort through when you need to find something important. Instead, consider saving documents cloud storage services for easy access, printing online documents to PDF to save a digital copy on your computer, and checking out helpful apps.
2. Dump some business cards. Business cards are a necessary networking tool, but often they end up stashed in desk drawers, stuck between piles of paper, lost in the wrong folder, or even used as bookmarks. If you haven't found it necessary to enter these contacts in your address book or you haven't called them in six months to a year, you probably never will. Recycle the cards or give them to someone who might find the contact useful.
3. Manage receipts. Receipts are useful when you need to return a purchase or prove your bought it, but which ones should you keep? Hold on to business and personal receipts you need to retain for tax purposes, for major purchases, and for items that are still under warranty, but recycle others after you reconcile them against your monthly bank and credit card statements.
4. Keep less mail. Some mail starts out looking important but it's not really useful. Keep a shredder near when you open mail and so you can "rip, read, and remove" credit card offers, documents with sensitive information, and anything else that's doesn't require action. Scan documents with useful information. Sign up for services like Catalog Choice to remove yourself from direct mailing lists.
5. Reduce your book collection. Yes, I know a lot of you are going to send me hate mail (email please, don't add paper clutter by writing), but some of us have too many books. We get so excited about reading that our desks, bags, and night tables are covered with them, sending the negative Feng Shui message that you're so behind that you can't even catch up with your reading for pleasure. Try to keep your books only in rooms with bookshelves or storage for them, and donate those you'll never read again. Donating a book is a wonderful way to share the gift of reading with the world.

Do you have clutter-clearing and organizing tips to share? Click here to email Carol Olmstead.

Success Story – Jerry’s Job Offers
Jerry wanted a home consultation because he was thinking about a career change, and was intrigued by the possibilities that some Feng Shui changes could help attract job offers. Jerry's bedroom was in the Wealth Area of his home, which was good, but he didn't like the furniture and that was having a negative effect on his ability to accumulate wealth. He could afford a better set, but never got around to looking for one.

Here's what Jerry wrote:
You really opened my eyes when you pointed out that the hand-me-down furniture set that had been in the family for years was showing too much wear. What a perfect analogy for what had been happening in my career, and never making the time to take the steps to improve it. I followed your recommendation and made it my priority to find a quality bedroom suite that made me feel prosperous. Within a week of the new furniture arriving the resume I posted on an online career site started to pay off. I had interviews, received three great offers, and now I'm happily working for a new company at a higher salary and better benefits. Next, I'm working on updating the other rooms in my house.

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Ask the Feng Shui Maven
Q: I have a lovely front door that opens into a beautiful foyer and a grand view into the house. But here's the thing, it's never used. We enter our house 100% of the time via the garage. When family and friends visit, they also come through the garage entry, after leaving their cars in the driveway. I assume making our garage lovely and clean is very important, but is our garage "The Mouth of Chi" since we never use the front door?
A: The front door is the Mouth of Chi because this is how the home was designed to be entered, and that's where the positive chi and wealth enter. The Feng Shui recommendation is to use your front door daily, even if you only open it to get the newspaper or greet the day each morning. It would be good for guests to enter through your front door as well. Yes, an attached garage is considered a room in your home and should be decorated according to the bagua area it occupies, but it's not the Mouth of Chi.

Q: I am graduating from college, where do I hang my diploma to help me find a job quickly?
A: The most auspicious area to hang a diploma or award or to display trophies is in the Fame/Future Area. If you can't hang it in this area of your home, hang it in this area of your room or office. Download a bagua from the Basics section at
to locate this area in your home or room.

Q: We are house hunting and notice that most master bedrooms are located over a two-car garage. I know it's not the best placement, but should this be a deal-breaker? We have a wonderfully loving relationship (our bedroom now is in the marriage area) and I wouldn't want to jeopardize that. If we did find our dream home and the master bedroom is over the garage, how can we manage that so we have the most auspicious Feng Shui?
A: The Feng Shui issue with a bedroom over a garage is you're your relationship is unsupported because there is a void underneath you rather than an actual room. Plus the actual and symbolic fumes from the cars below aren't conducive to good health. It's not necessarily true that most homes have a master bedroom in this location, but it might be the particular style of home you have been looking at or a popular regional design. It's best to look for a home with master bedroom in Love/Relationship Area, like your current home. But if you do choose a house with garage under a bedroom, some of the Feng Shui corrections include putting a thick rug on the floor and placing a mirror facing down under the bed to deflect the negative energy.

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Beyond Feng Shui – Is Your Glass Half Full or Half Empty?
Is it better to be an optimist or a pessimist? If you think the answer is obvious, think again, because research has shown that there are advantages and disadvantages to both points of view.

Pessimists have better relationships. Optimist couples may seem happy, but it's pessimists who may actually have stronger relationships. Research suggests that optimism can be a "liability" in relationships, keeping couples from being pro-active when it comes to problem-solving. Pessimists have lower expectations going into marriage and as a result experience more satisfaction.

Optimists have better heart health, but pessimists live longer. Optimists have twice the odds of being in ideal cardiovascular health, according to one study, as well as better blood sugar levels and cholesterol. But heart health aside, another study showed that pessimists who underestimated their future life satisfaction actually had a smaller risk of death than optimists did.

Optimists are more resilient, but pessimists can be more persuasive. Optimists are likely to bounce back quicker from a negative effect instead of believing it was a reflection of themselves. But researchers found that pessimists may be better at delivering a persuasive message than optimists because of a different informative processing style.

Optimists have better immune systems, but pessimists make more responsible decisions. A positive attitude may strengthen your immune system, according to findings for a study of law students as they experienced classes, tests, and internships. As optimism experienced a boost, immunity did too, but as optimism dropped, immunity weakened. But the behavior of optimistic students was riskier than that of pessimists, who feared the worst consequences and made less risky decisions.

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