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Welcome to the Feng Shui For Real Life Ezine, a monthly e-magazine with tips, success stories, and clutter-clearing advice to help you make simple Feng Shui changes to attract wealth, harmony, love, and much more.

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Carol's Message for the Month
Congratulations, you made it through another tax season, or you're just about to sign that return and send it on its way. But did you have to pay more money to the IRS this year than last? If you had to make a payment, got a smaller refund than you expected, or vowed to keep more of what you earned at tax time next year, there's a money-saving theme running through this issue that can help. No, I'm not promising overnight riches if you merely change a light bulb, but when you follow the 10 tips in the Feng Shui to the Rescue section you will notice subtle shifts in your opportunities, and that leads to attracting wealth and abundance.

And after you file your taxes, you need to dreaded chore of cleaning up all of those tax files and stacks of paper. Do you let tax records clutter up your desk or dining room table for weeks - or months - because you can't figure out what to keep and for how long? Answer these three questions for an easy way to decide whether a piece of paper is clutter or a keeper:
1. If I throw this away, will I get arrested? If the answer is NO, toss it.
2. Did I use this during the last year? If the answer is NO, out it goes.
3. Can I get it someplace else, especially online? If the answer is YES, it's gone.
Here's to a more abundant and prosperous year for all of us!
Carol M. Olmstead
Feng Shui Master Practitioner

Feng Shui Tip of the Month – 10 Ways to Attract Wealth
Whether you feel you paid too much to the IRS, got a smaller refund than you expected, or vowed to keep more of what you earn, everyone seems to be focusing on attracting more wealth in April. Here are 10 of my favorite simple Feng Shui tips for attracting wealth to help you spring clean your finances and master your money:
1. Clear Your Clutter. You've heard me say it before - in Feng Shui clutter represents postponed decisions and the inability to move forward. Try this Feng Shui challenge: clear out the junk drawer, the messy hall closet, or the garage, then step back and watch the opportunities flow into your life to fill the space you've made for them.
2. Clean Your Front Door. The front door is the "mouth of chi" where all wealth enters your home. That means if your door is dirty or faded your ability to attract wealth into your home will be diminished. Dust and clean your door frequently, and repaint or replace it if it doesn't send a positive message about your home.
3. Clean Your Windows. Windows are considered the "eyes" of your home, and dirty windows represent cloudy vision. When you clean your windows you bring clear vision of present and future opportunities back into your life. Whether you do it yourself or hire a service, be sure to clean your windows on a regular basis.
4. Replace Burned Out Light Bulbs. If your rooms are dim, so will be your financial future. When you replace burned out bulbs you symbolically brighten your possibilities.
5. Tighten Knobs and Door Handles. If your door handles and knobs are loose, in Feng Shui terms it means you can't get a grip on your money and finances. Tighten knobs and handles and replace broken ones, and you will strengthen your financial future.
6. Replace Dead Plants. Dead plants represent dead energy, so replace them with healthy living plants to symbolically grow your wealth. Avoid Bonsai or other miniature plants since they represent stunted growth. If your plants always die, display high quality silk instead.
7. Keep the Toilet Lid Down. Water represents abundance in Feng Shui, so if your toilet lid is open you're symbolically flushing your abundance down the toilet. Keep the toilet lid closed and you will retain more of your wealth.
8. Fix Gaps. Whether it's cracks in your walls, broken shingles on your roof, or gaps in the fence around your property, when you have a place where energy can escape it represents wealth leaving your home. Money spent on making these repairs will be returned many times over.
9. Clean Your Mirrors. If your mirrors are hazy you can't see yourself, or your finances, clearly. However, when you clean your mirrors on a regular basis they reflect a clear image, and clear insight into your future opportunities.
10. Fix Drips and Leaks. Water is associated with wealth in Feng Shui, so leaking water means you are losing your wealth. When you stop the leak you stop the drain on your finances.

Clutter Clinic -- Clear Your Wallet
"What's in your wallet" is more than an advertising slogan, because in Feng Shui your wallet says a lot about how you respect yourself and your money. If you're carrying a beat up old wallet that's filled with so many receipts, credit and reward cards, and whatever else you can stuff in there, it represents disregard for your wealth. Wondering why you're having a hard time getting a handle on your finances? Maybe you should check out what excess baggage your lugging around in your wallet. "You should think about your wallet like you think about making a first impression with potential employer, client, or date," says New York-based financial adviser Stacy Francis, founder of Savvy Ladies, a non-profit financial education organization geared toward empowering women. "If you pay more attention to your money and the way it's organized, you'll be more organized, more responsible, and more on top of your finances."

Here are some financial experts tips to clear your wallet clutter, with a few Feng Shui embellishments from me:
1. Replace a worn out wallet. If your wallet is falling apart it means the same for your finances, so treat yourself to a new one. Try using a red wallet, because there's something about seeing that bright red wallet in your purse that just screams wealth and abundance.
2. Clean out the clutter. Go through your wallet once a week, or at least monthly, and throw out everything you don't need access to on a daily basis.
3. Carry only the IDs you really need. Limit the identification cards you carry to those like your driver's license, health insurance or medical cards, and auto insurance card, and try to eliminate other IDs that you rarely use.
4. Limit plastic. Keep only a debit card and one or two low interest credit cards in your wallet, and ditch the high interest store credit cards.
5. Carry only a little cash. This comes in handy for those stores that still require cash or where an ATM is not always available nearby. I recommend hiding a $100 bill (or whatever you can afford) in your wallet as a symbol that you're never without wealth.
6. Back it up. Make copies or take photos of the information in your wallet and keep them separate from your wallet. Many, many years ago before I discovered Feng Shui and kept my purse on the floor in the movies (you don't still do that, do you?) my purse was stolen right out from under me. Thankfully, I found it near the trashcan with only the cash missing, but that's when I realized I didn't have a clue just what I was carrying in my wallet.

Click here to watch the Today Show video about clearing clutter from your wallet to improve your finances.

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Success Story – Checking For Winter Damage
Kate and Jeremy moved into their new home last September. After being together for 10 years, their relationship was undergoing a transition and they were arguing a lot. The first thing I noticed about their home was that it was missing the Love Area of the bagua. To anchor that missing area and symbolically anchor their relationship, I recommended they make a correction. Kate placed two matching terracotta pots in the backyard at the point where the walls would come together if the house were a complete rectangle. [NOTE: You can read more about correcting missing areas of the bagua in Chapter 6 of the Feng Shui Quick Guide For Home and Office]. She reported that their communications improved immediately. Then, after the long winter, I received a follow-up message.

Here's what Kate wrote:
Things in our life continued to improved after I placed the two pots to complete the missing bagua area, but then in January we began arguing more frequently. I have to admit I was furious at Feng Shui for not working. Once the weather finally started to get warmer and the snow melted I went out into the backyard to do some cleanup and noticed that both pots were badly cracked, probably from being filled with snow and ice. Wow, was that message ever clear to me! I got rid of those broken pots and we replaced them with a pair of beautiful stone carvings to more permanently ground our relationship. We're a happy couple again, and I'll never doubt the power of Feng Shui to help keep us that way. Share your own Feng Shui Success Story on my Facebook page.

Ask the Feng Shui Maven
Q: My finances are in the dumps. Will a new stove assist me with new financial opportunities?
A: A new stove can certainly help because the stove is related to wealth. The Chinese believe that the more people you can afford to feed the wealthier you are, so that's why the stove is such an important Feng Shui symbol. When you get your new stove, you can hang a mirror behind it to symbolically double the burners and increase wealth, or if you can't do that you can display a shiny teakettle on the stove to do the same thing.

Q: I have a staircase in the family area of my house, and our family life definitely has more "ups and downs" than I would like. Are these stairs the cause and what is the cure?
A: A staircase can represent a hole in the bagua area where it is located, so it's possible that yours is symbolically representing family life. Hang current family pictures in this area and be sure they are hanging level and not stair-stepped like the stairs themselves. If it's possible, hang a crystal from the ceiling above the stairs. Make sure you clear the clutter in the Family Area of each room, and pay special attention to what you keep in the family room, or wherever the family tends to gather. Read more tips in the article on my website,
"Rearranging a Room for Happiness."

Q: My master bathroom is in the wealth part of the bagua. I know this isn't good but there's no way I'm going to renovate the whole house just to move it. Ideas, please!
A: When Feng Shui was first developed there were no indoor bathrooms so there wasn't an issue with where to locate the room associated with "waste," but obviously no one is going back to that. In your case you can redecorate rather than renovate. Water is a bathroom is associated with waste, so the goal is to symbolically dry up some of the water. First, avoid adding the Water Element to your bath - that means avoiding the color blue, water images, and additional glass. Instead, choose items that represent the Wood Element to symbolically soak up the water and grow your wealth. Add the colors green and teal and images of flowers and forests. Display plants that have an upward shape, and hang artwork with images that make you feel wealthy, abundant, and prosperous.

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Beyond Feng Shui – How To Succeed With Customer Service
You're not alone if you become enraged when you call customer service and get the runaround - a recent Customer Rage Survey (yes, that's a real thing) found that 68% of American households that experienced a problem with a product or a service reported feeling "customer rage." But you can "dial down" your frustration and get results when you follow these tips from the experts:

Don't Settle for Calling the Customer Service Number. If you don't get results from the toll free number, call the sales department on the company website. That sales rep can either take care of the problem or directly connect you with a higher-level service agent.
Be Cool. Asking for help when you're in an agitated state will probably backfire. When you sound emotionally invested in your grievance you lose control and the agent may get defensive. If you're really furious, either give yourself a cooling off period or ask a family member or a friend to call on your behalf.
Lavish Praise. Research shows that flattering someone makes him or her more likely to assist you, so if the representative on the phone is attentive to your concerns, express your appreciation during the call and at the end ask to speak to a supervisor to provide a compliment.
Use Inclusive Language. Getting a company's representative on your side can do wonders for resolving a situation. Ask the agent questions like "What can we do to work this out?" instead of "Can you do this for me?"
Say the Magic Word. You might think the magic word is something like "please," but actually studies show that the word "because" is powerful since we associate it with good reasons. Don't believe it? Use the magic word the next time you make a customer service call because it's certainly worth a try.

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