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Go Feng Shui Green

Go Feng Shui Green
If you want to attract wealth, surround yourself with the color green. The "wearing of the green" is the traditional thing to do in March to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, but it's also a powerful Feng Shui tool because the color green stimulates creativity, growth, and expansion. That means green is a great color to wear when you're learning new skills, taking classes, or when you need to be energized. But, avoid wearing green when you're restless because it's such a stimulating color.

Green is the color of the Wood Element, one of the Five Elements in Feng Shui. In addition to wearing the color of the Wood Element you can surround yourself with objects in its shape (rectangular) and composition (wooden objects and plants) to activate this Element.

Try these simple ways to "go Feng Shui green" in any month and improve your overall well-being:
• If you feel blocked, place a bushy green plant on your desk to get your creative juices flowing.
• If you want to encourage family harmony, add green accents like pillows and throws to your family room.
• If you want to find a new job, place a beautiful wooden box on your desk and place a positive affirmation inside.
• If you need to feel energized on a cloudy day, wear a green tie or scarf, clothes made from cotton, or floral patterns.
• If your household is prone to family arguments at dinner, set the table with green napkins to promote harmony.
• If you are surrounded by a lot of electronics, place a plant within 3 feet of your equipment to balance any negative energy, especially in a home theater or home office.

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