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Passover and Easter Feng Shui

Thu Mar 05 2015 | Author: Carol Olmstead
The twin treats of spring are almost upon us, Passover and Easter, which are holidays that everyone loves. But, what is it about family holidays that brings out the stress along with the anticipation of reconnecting with loved ones? And is there a way to apply a little Feng Shui magic to improve communications around the table this year? Why is this Passover going to be different from all other Passovers? (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

So, in support of family harmony no matter which spring rituals you celebrate, here are a few Feng Shui thoughts:

Avoid seating a husband directly across from a wife, or partners across from each other, which is known as confrontational seating. Instead, seat the guest of honor across from one spouse and seat the other spouse in the middle, complementary position. The guest seated closest to the door usually leaves first, so if you have a relative you wish you didn’t have to invite… well, you get my drift.

Give the house a thorough cleaning to help remove any negative energy from a long winter, especially if you have been stuck in the house because of weather or illness. Cleaning is a traditional part of Passover, where Jews search the house for traces of bread and foods that can't be eaten during the holiday, called "chametz.” The Feng Shui parallel is to clean your home before a holiday, searching for dust, removing old dried flowers, replacing air filters, washing windows, and making other seasonal adjustments.

Choose a color scheme for your table that includes blue for harmony and new beginnings, white for clarity, and gold for power. Arrange fresh flowers to symbolize growth and rebirth, and place them in front of a mirror to symbolically double their positive energy. Just be sure the mirror isn’t located across from a window or the positive chi will be directed right out of the room.

It’s a spring holiday tradition to buy new clothes (my husband thinks I invented that one), but be sure to avoid wearing red at your family holiday meal. Red is the Fire Element, and adding more heat and fire could lead to family disputes.

If you dye Easter eggs, display them in your Creativity Area, because this area is activated by round shapes and white colors. Display the palms from Palm Sunday in the Family Area, which is activated by the Wood Element and the color green.

Place the Seder plate in the center of the table and arrange the traditional items on the plate according to the Feng Shui bagua - the egg is on the far left of the plate, the shankbone is on the top right, the bitter herbs in the middle, the vegetable in the lower left, and the charoset in the lower right.

Happy Spring, Everyone!

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