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Caught Up in Cobwebs

Tue Jan 13 2015 | Author: Carol Olmstead
Last Wednesday I woke up to a vista of freezing fog. Fog is a rarity in this arid Santa Fe climate to begin with, so freezing fog was quite a shock. As I walked from the bedroom past the living room windows something odd caught my eye – hanging from the vigas (that’s what we call rounded beams in Santa Fe) on the back portal (that’s a Santa Fe porch) was what looked like a ripped linen curtain. And the more I looked, the more of them I saw, along with frozen cobwebs of every shape. The portal looked like someone had decorated it for Halloween. And that’s when I realized the vigas must have been covered with cobwebs that had become wet with fog, then frozen into these ghostly shapes. They had been unseen in the daylight.

I went out to sweep it all away, but it was cold, the wind was howling, and my ladder didn’t reach high enough, so I decided it would have to wait till my (taller) husband came home. Later that evening, we went out with brooms in hand, but despite the bright portal lights and two iPhone flashlights we couldn’t find one cobweb. Seems that when the fog receded the webs disintegrated, leaving only my photos as proof of their existence.

But what was the reason for all of this, at the beginning of the year no less?

You’ve probably heard me say it before, in Feng Shui cobwebs represent being so stuck and caught up that you can’t move forward (you knew I was going to get to Feng Shui eventually). Plus, an accumulation of cobwebs creates obstacles in the bagua area it occupies. In my home, the portal sweeps across the bagua area that represents Future/Fame/Reputation. And it’s true that I’ve been putting off making decisions about that part of my career. I was definitely caught up on the unseen cobwebs. So, I’ve decided that the fog symbolically cleared the way for me to dream my dreams and create my future plans - and that’s definitely a great way to start off the year.

Are there actual or emotional cobwebs holding you back? Take a good look at the areas of your home that you don’t use, or use less often, in the colder weather and do a clean sweep of the walls, floor, ceiling, and furniture to clear away real cobwebs, and you’ll clear unseen obstacles holding you back.

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