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Welcoming the Year of the Sheep

Fri Jan 02 2015 | Author: Carol Olmstead
The Feng Shui For Real Life Blog is back, and what better way to start than to examine what’s in store for 2015, the Chinese Year of the Sheep. Will it be a good or bad time to start a new relationship? Will your career or business thrive? Will conflicting countries reach their boiling point? The lunar year doesn’t start until February 19 (great omen, that’s my birthday!), but I like to take an early look at the predictions so we can prepare with some Feng Shui adjustments.

The Sheep is the eighth sign in Chinese astrology and number “8” is considered to be a lucky number because it symbolizes wisdom, fortune, and prosperity. Some call this year Goat or Ram, but the predictions are the same whichever animal you use.

According to Asian Feng Shui masters who follow these things, 2015 is going to be better than 2014 because we’ll experience the unusual phenomenon where all Five Elements are present – Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood – instead of one predominating. That means the year will bring more balance. Last year was an aggressive one because of the extreme Fire Element, but the balance of Elements in 2015 will help everyone move forward.

Here are some of the general Feng Shui recommendations for this Wood Sheep year:
• Wear the color green to attract wealth luck. Some masters are suggesting that you need to wear green underwear. I’m not sure where that comes from but I guess it can’t hurt.
• Add green accents to your office to boost your career or business. (What a perfect opportunity to plug my new online class, “Grow Your Business with Feng Shui.”)
• Other lucky colors are pink, red, orange, and yellow to enhance influence and power.
• Businesses that are expected to boom are real estate, fashion, food and restaurants, and electronics and technology, but not industries that involve water like shipping.

Since this is a year of balance, my main Feng Shui suggestion is to conduct a home and office audit to assure you have a combination of the Five Elements in each room. You can use the color or shape of each Element, or an object that represents the Element’s characteristics. Click here to read about the Five Elements.

Which Chinese Zodiac signs will be lucky this year? People born under the Horse and Monkey signs are predicted to get the blessing of the "prosperity star" that is associated with good fortune. Other animal signs that are predicted to be fortunate are the Rat, which will have the "wealth star," and the Tiger and the Ox, which will receive “unexpected gifts” in 2015. That works fine for me because I’m an Ox and my husband is a Rat! The Rabbit is also expected to have a great year ahead. But Roosters might be more likely to experience misfortune in the coming year, and Dragon and Snake signs might be more vulnerable to illness. But hang in there - these are just predictions, and instead of focusing on the negative of what might happen, my Feng Shui recommendation is to move forward by making adjustment to balance your surroundings.

In a future post I’ll look at what each animal of the Chinese Zodiac can expect in 2015.

Special thanks to my colleague, watercolor artist Lori Blevins, for her Year of the Sheep painting.

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