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Make Room For a Relationship

Fri Feb 07 2014 | Author: Carol Olmstead
In this month of Valentine’s Day, I want to share one of my favorite Feng Shui success stories, plus some tips for attracting the perfect partner or revving up the romance you already have.

First, the success story...

My client Lisa wanted to attract a new love, but her small apartment was stuffed with too many things and there was no room for anyone to join her. I recommended she clear out her closet to make room for a lover's clothes, then add some masculine hangers for him to hang them on. Soon after Lisa made these changes she found love in an unexpected place.

Here's what Lisa wrote:

Shortly after I cleared my closet and put in those "man" hangers you recommended, I met someone in the oddest of places - my nail salon. I went to get a pedicure at the salon near my home and started talking to this handsome man sitting in the chair next to me. I couldn't stop thinking about him so the next day I left my business card at the salon in case he came in again. Turns out, he came into the salon the day after I left the card. He called to say he'd been thinking about me but didn't know how to reach me. We started dating then and now we're engaged. It's another great example of Feng Shui working.

Next, the tips...

Want to make Feng Shui work for you this Valentine's Day? Start by removing clutter and all that "stuff" from your house to open up space for the perfect partner to come into your life. Even if you are already in a loving relationship, clearing clutter will strengthen it. Your goal is to free up 25% of the space in your home, especially your bedroom, for someone else’s things.

Start with these critical places:
• Clear out your bedroom closet, so there will be room for your lover’s clothes, and add some extra hangers.
• Throw away old food like leftovers from the refrigerator and packages of stale crackers and broken chips from the pantry to leave space for another person’s favorite foods.
• Toss expired prescriptions and used-up toothpaste tubes to make an opening in the medicine cabinet or bathroom vanity for a lover’s toiletries.
• Clear off one of the night tables in the bedroom and empty at least one drawer so there will be an open space for a new partner’s items.
• Clear your bed of extra decorative pillows, throws, and stuffed animals so there will be room for a lover to join you in bed.
• Get rid of the art with single or solitary images in your bedroom and replace it with images that are romantic, paired, and coupled.

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