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Galloping in on the Wood Horse

Wed Jan 29 2014 | Author: Carol Olmstead
The Chinese Year of the Wood Horse comes galloping in on January 31, so buckle up, because it’s going to be another bumpy ride. I’ve been reading lots of predictions about what's supposed to happen this year, and it looks like there are good things in store. So here goes.

People born in the Year of the Ox (that’s me!), Goat, and Dog will do the best in the Year of the Wood Horse, while those born in the Year of the Rat, Tiger, and Monkey might not do as well. Powerful women will get even more powerful this year.

There will be an imbalance of the Feng Shui Elements this year, with too much Fire energy and not enough Water and Earth energy. So it’s important to surround yourself with the Water Element (black and dark blue) and Earth Element (brown and yellow). Click here to read more about the colors that represent each Element.

Some Feng Shui masters see the Year of the Wood Horse as bringing more romance, marriage, and babies since the starting date corresponds to the arrival of the “double spring.” It’s a good year to get married for couples who have been dating for a long time, but not the case for couples in new relationships.

Business luck is predicted to be good for the first two quarters of the year, but some warn that things could start to slow down after the summer. Others predict a volatile year for the stock market with extreme ups and downs, and some recommend you get out after July.

In this yang Wood Horse year, the Feng Shui Elements of Wood and Fire are compatible, but because Wood fuels Fire, that combination could lead to some wild energy. Industries related to both of these Elements, like the rubber and petroleum industries, could prosper, as well as Earth Element industries like agriculture, food and beverage, and construction. Real estate agents will be encouraged to know that some Feng Shui predictions advise home buyers to buy a home now instead of waiting until prices fall.

There is concern about more bad weather this year, especially heavy rains contributing to floods and landslides in the East and Northwest. But, despite concerns about weather it’s considered a good year to travel.

Unfortunately, because Wood is highly combustible, the fierce energy conflict of the past few years will continue, resulting in violence and even rioting. We might see a lot more scandals, conflicts, explosions, and arguments.

The colors to wear in the Year of the Wood Horse are green to harmonize with the Wood Element, black or deep blue to activate the Water Element, and brown or yellow to represent the Earth Element. Choose jewelry with natural crystals and stones that contain the presence of Wood energy, such as jade, agate, malachite, and tourmaline. Precious stones that enhance the energy of the Wood Horse are turquoise, aquamarine, pearls, lapis, obsidian, and onyx.

A lot of us are happy to see the snake-in-the-grass year 2013 come to an end, especially because the prior fierce dragon year was equally intense. Here’s hoping that with the start of the Lunar New Year 2014, the energy of the Wood Horse will help us all gallop forward.

Thanks to my Feng Shui colleague and artist Susan Miller for allowing me to use her painting "War Pony" to illustrate my articles and workshops about the Year of the Horse. Posters are available from her website,

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