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Fables, Folktales, and Feng Shui

Mon Jun 24 2013 | Author: Carol Olmstead
Feng Shui has Chinese roots, but I love when I find Feng Shui-like advice in fables, folktales, and proverbs from other cultures. These tales always seem to have the same theme: advice from a wise man or woman and a very cluttered house.

Have you heard the fable of the Magic Red Geranium? A woman living in a shabby, cluttered house was given an enchanted red geranium by a wise person who told her to take it home, where it would transform her life. She took the geranium home and set it on her wobbly kitchen table covered by a stained tablecloth. Immediately, she saw how the beautiful form and color of the geranium made the wobbly table seem in disrepair and the table linen look shabby. So, she fixed the table leg and washed the tablecloth.

Then she noticed how her newly washed tablecloth made her floor seem dull, so she scrubbed it. This made her kitchen walls look drab, so she repainted the room in a fresh color and replaced missing cabinets knobs.

Eventually her entire home was sparkling, and she had indeed transformed her life.

Rooster WM250
Did you ever hear the Yiddish folktale about a man with the Small and Noisy House? Seeking a solution to his cramped living conditions, the man consults the wise woman of the village. She advises him to bring a chicken into his house. He doesn’t understand how a chicken is going to help, but he brings one home. It makes his house seem even smaller and noisier.

So the man visits the wise woman again, and she tells him to add a goat. He gets a goat and brings it into his crowded house. Not surprisingly, the goat makes the situation worse instead of better.

So the man visits the wise woman yet again to complain and she tells him to bring another animal into the house. Needless to say, his house just gets more crowded and noisy.

Finally, in total frustration, the man returns to the wise woman and tells her that he can’t stand another minute of living in his cluttered and noisy house. She smiles and tells him to go home and let all the animals out.

The man goes home and lets all of the animals out of the house. Then he looks around and can finally appreciate his calm, quiet, and spacious surroundings.

Is there a room in your home that would benefit from a symbolic “red geranium” or “chicken” clutter clearing? Clearing out a drawer, a closet, or the garage can be like bringing a beautiful red geranium into your home to raise your awareness of other areas that need to be cleared of clutter. And like getting rid of unnecessary animals, the more clutter you clear, the more you make room for new energy and possibilities to find you and to transform your environment and your life.

Photo Credit: "The Rooster and the Pearl," print available from Morgan C. Leshinsky.

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