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The Feng Shui of Flying

Thu Feb 07 2013 | Author: Carol Olmstead
I fly so often to work with clients all around the country, that you just knew I’d take notice when Jetstar Asia airlines brought in Feng Shui Master David Tong to analyze the energy flow in their fleet of Airbus 320s. Now I should also tell you that I’m a frequent flyer on the very same airbus on United Airlines, and that it’s not my favorite aircraft, so I was anxious to read what they had to say.

Here are some findings, according to Jetstar Asia:
  • Want to get rich? Jetstar Asia says to sit in row 6.
  • Are you a women looking for wealth? Choose rows 1, 11 or 21.
  • Looking to make new friends? Pick rows 3, 4, 13, 14, 23 or 24.
In terms of flight times, Jetstar says the early bird is indeed lucky, because flights leaving between 5:00am and 7:00am will bring the greatest amount of luck to travelers. But, flights that leave between 7:00pm-9:00pm are also auspicious, they say.

Jetstar even has a site, where you can enter your birth date and what you want to improve this year – wealth, health, career, love, or friendship – and find out which seats will bring you love and luck, the best time to fly, and even get recommended destinations. Hmmm, this sounds more like a marketing promotion than Feng Shui to me, especially since this is a budget airline and the possible birth years you can choose from don’t go back enough for what I’ll call “mature” travelers. But, it’s definitely a fun way to help celebrate the arrival of Chinese New Year.

Feng Shui means business in much of Asia, and airlines are not alone in consulting Feng Shui masters for everything from design to which day is most auspicious for an opening ceremony. Developers of high end commercial real estate throughout Asia routinely consult a Feng Shui master before even breaking ground. Feng Shui is popular in the tourism industry, and Asian casinos are especially known for designing buildings to bring in as much prosperity as possible. When I worked with a Native American casino in the US that wanted to attract more Asian gamblers to their poker tables, I recommended a gold and red color scheme, and a path through the casino floor that would lead the gamblers to a special room for table games.

My usual seat on the A320 Airbus is 21D, the exit row seat on the aisle. So whether or not the Feng Shui predictions from Jetstar Asia are gimmick or gospel, it looks like my Feng Shui intuition has been snagging the wealth seat all along.

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