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Release the Dragon and Welcome the Snake

Wed Jan 23 2013 | Author: Carol Olmstead
My favorite thing about Chinese New Year – in addition to an excuse to eat egg rolls and believe in fortune cookies - is that it’s a “do-over” and another chance to start the New Year right. Chinese New Year beings on February 10, 2013 this year, and this will be the Year of the Female Water Snake. Since the snake is known for shedding its skin, for me this Chinese New Year is the perfect time to let go of the old and welcome in new energy.

Just about everyone I talk to is ready for that snarky old Water Dragon from 2012 to release its hold on us. Even if you don’t usually pay attention to the Chinese Zodiac and which animal represents which year, you have to admit that last year was difficult. Mother Nature wasn’t acting how we wanted her to, and in some all-too-violent cases, people around us weren’t acting much better. But all that will be in the past as we welcome a new year that invites us to fix what went wrong last year. And that skin-shedding analogy sounds like just the incentive we need to release our old, stubborn ways of thinking and open up to new ones. Historically, snake years have been transformational, bringing new technologies, political policies, and scientific advancements, but Snake years like 1941 and 2001 also brought death and destruction, social revolutions, and government upheaval.

Feng Shui experts are predicting that blue, green, and purple will be the lucky colors in the Year of the Snake. So these are the colors to choose for clothes, furniture and home accessories, and for buying anything from a new car to a cell phone case. The least favorable colors will be red and yellow, and while you don’t need to avoid them totally, it’s best not to surround yourself with too much of these colors.

The industries that are predicted to perform well in the year of the Snake will be industries related to the Feng Shui Elements Metal and Earth, like banking, machinery, engineering, computer and high tech industries, property, mining, and insurance. Water industries like transportation, shipping, communications, beverages, and spas will improve, but competition will be strong. Wood industries like textiles, environment, paper, and news media will move ahead conservatively. On the other hand, Fire industries like energy, finance, restaurants, and entertainment may not do very well. Auspicious dates events for weddings or to launch a business in 2013 are February 11, April 12, August 10, October 9 and December 8.

I like to make a new vision board around the start of Chinese New Year, so images of what I want to attract in the coming year are right there in front of me. I arrange mine according to the Feng Shui bagua. For example, I’ll place images that relate to wealth and prosperity in the upper left hand corner, those relating to love and romance in the upper right, those relating to mentors and clients in the lower right, and so on until I fill the board. I hang the finished board in the Helpful People Area of my home, which happens to be my garage. My clients know that I always recommend they decorate their garage like they would any other room in their home, so you’re always greeted home by lively images and colors. I always make sure the images I use in my board feel rich and prosperous, including lots of dollar signs and images of stacks of money.

The Year of the Water Snake is expected to be one of “correction” that will bring lots of new opportunities, systems, leadership, rules, regulations, and a way to move forward in the uncertain situation. Some Feng Shui masters are predicting that the Water Snake will set us on a path for re-birth, new beginnings, and transformation as she sheds her skin. Sounds good to me.

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