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TV in the Bedroom - It's Always Something

Sat Jan 19 2013 | Author: Carol Olmstead
My friend Jeri asks the best Feng Shui questions. She sometimes calls them crazy, but I think they’re pretty astute, and they always give me ideas for blog posts and newsletter articles. Here’s her latest:

We are having a built-in made for our bedroom, with drawers, a hamper, and a place for a TV. Unfortunately, the TV will be across from my bed. Do you have any thoughts? Do people put shades in front of the TV? We have been so long without a TV, I'm not even sure we need it. But then, I would want to put a mirror in that space, which is even worse Feng Shui! It's always something, as Roseanne Roseannadanna used to say.

First, Jeri, I will publicly admit that I do have a TV in the master bedroom. There, I’ve said it and really, it's not the worst thing you can do in contemporary Feng Shui.

I long ago stopped recommending to clients that they keep the TV in an armoire and close the doors before going to sleep, or drape the TV with a sheer scarf after turning it off. Let's face it, you won't do it so why set yourself up to fail. The main thing is to keep the TV from becoming the primary focus in the room, and don't worry about covering it or screening it off at night. Modern sets are so sleek and slim that the old rules don’t necessarily apply, but I do recommend against one of those honkin' big sets if you can avoid it. And, if you can place a current picture of you and your husband near the TV that will help send the message that watching TV is something you do together.

But Jeri was right that “it’s always something,” because the mere mention of a mirror across from her bed gave me a case of the Feng Shui shivers. That’s definitely a Feng Shui no-no. Mirrors create active or yang energy in the room, and that’s not going to help promote restful sleep. So the modern Feng Shui rule of thumb is to limit the number of mirrors in your bedroom to no more than one, and to make sure it’s located where you can’t see yourself in it the first thing in the morning. Most of us do look a bit like Roseanne Roseannadanna in the morning, and who wants to start the day with that image burned into your brain.

Yup, it’s always something.

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