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Doing the Feng Shui Fling

Mon Jan 07 2013 | Author: Carol Olmstead
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On New Year’s Day, I posted on my Feng Shui For Real Life page on Facebook that a great way to get the year off to a prosperous start was to do the “Feng Shui Fling.” Here’s how it works –

Take a large plastic trash bag, move quickly through your home, and fling 27 things into the bag. Things you don't need, don't want, or don't know why you are keeping. Open drawers and cabinets. Dig down under the sink. Clear closets. Don't analyze, don't hesitate - just fling. Then take the bag right out to the trash before you change your mind. Three is an especially auspicious number in Feng Shui, and because the number 27 includes multiple sets of three, your Feng Shui Fling will be especially prosperous.
Do I practice what I preach? Last year, my big New Year's Day “flinging” project was my garage. As it is for many of my clients, my garage occupies the Helpful People Area of the bagua; that is, the area in the lower right hand corner of my home. You can download a bagua to fit the shape of your home from the Basics page on my website This is the area that relates to your clients, mentors, and travel plans, and in general is important for attracting people who will support you as you move toward your life goals. So it’s an especially important place to keep clutter-free. But how many of us can say we keep our garages clutter-free on a daily basis? Mine was certainly due for a major clearing.

It took most of the day, which was OK because after the Rose Parade I’m about done with football-related events for the day, and it also took a lot of trash bags set up for recycling, donations, and just plain trash. But, by the end of the day the garage was clean and beautiful, with lots of open space for new energy to flow into the house. The added benefit was that one car didn’t have to sit outside anymore.

The Feng Shui result? In the first week of that year, my book, the Feng Shui Quick Guide For Home and Office, went international when I received an order of books from an international library service in Singapore. That same week I was contacted by two new clients. Was it cause and effect or simply coincidence? I invite you to clean out your garage next weekend -- or any other cluttered room or space in your house that you have been avoiding -- and see for yourself.

For New Year's Day 2012, my clutter-clearing project focused around the closet in my home office. What will happen as a result of my flinging this year? Stay tuned, I'll share results in a future post.

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