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Carol Olmstead: Rearranging Her Life with Feng Shui

From Bethesda Magazine, November/December 2004

Working in public relations was a great fit for Carol Olmstead of Rockville, until she turned 50 and critiqued her career. “Problems had become predictable,” she says, “I was restless.” A colleague suggested that Olmstead move her desk so that she would face the door, “because when you sit with your back to the door, things go on behind your back, actually and symbolically,” she says. Rearranging her office furniture was Olmstead’s introduction to feng shui. “At first, I pronounced it ‘fang shoey,;” Olmstead says. Intrigued with this ancient art, Olmstead delved into classes, studied with a mentor and began her business, Feng Shui For Real Life, out of her home six years ago. “I make about the same amount of money,” says Olmstead, “but my satisfaction level is much higher.”

“People are more informed about feng shui now,” says Olmstead. Her broad range of clients encompasses singles and couples, as well as families and business owners. Olmstead says, “Some people used to thing, ‘Oh you’re going to hang crystals and bells,’” But if that’s what the client wants, Olmstead will oblige. More likely, she says her clients are hoping to achieve money, better relationships, or especially after 9/11, security and peace. Olmstead says she most often uses feng shui to help people bring balance and harmony into their homes and offices, a peace and harmony she has found for herself.

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