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Feng Shui For the President's Desk

Feng Shui for the President's Desk
Now that the election is over, it's time to repeat the request I make every four years: Mr. President, move your desk! In its traditional position in the Oval Office, the President’s desk is situated in front of a window. This placement signifies “weak support” in Feng Shui terms because there’s nothing solid behind the desk. Mr. President, think about your dealings with Congress and the international community in your first term and you’ll get the idea.

The most auspicious position for President Obama’s desk is with his back to a wall to support him, but not directly in a straight line with the main door, which would expose him to the harsh energy of the world’s problems marching through the door.

That being said, it’s a pretty good bet that tradition will dictate and the President’s desk will remain in its current location after Inauguration Day. So, I would like to offer President Obama a few Feng Shui suggestions for the Oval Office:
• Keep your curtains closed. This will give you some feeling of insulation against the hostility of outside world.
• Place a photo of your grandmother on the table behind you. That way, she will continue to “have your back” when things get tough even though she is no longer here to support you.
• Add personal symbols of strength, compassion, knowledge, and wisdom. Perhaps a framed quote from Abraham Lincoln would serve as your personal guide when times get rough.
• Update your family photos to keep you grounded. New photos also symbolize continued growth and good health for the First Lady and your daughters.
• Add a lush, bushy plant behind you to symbolize the growth of our nation, and let those beautiful flower arrangements reminder you to “stop and smell the roses,” even when the challenges appear overwhelming.

There’s so much more I would change in the Oval Office, especially those doors that “disappear” into the walls. But let's save that for when I actually get invited to Feng Shui the White House.

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© Copyright 2021, Carol Olmstead