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Take the Elemental Personality Quiz

Take the Elemental Personality Quiz
Are you ready to have some fun with the Feng Shui Elements? The Five Elements are Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, and each had a set of attributes. You can take the Elemental Personality Quiz to learn which of these Elements dominates your life. Circle the letter that best represents your answer to the following 10 questions, then total up each letter. You'll find your Elemental Personality in the answer key that follows the quiz.

1. Which color(s) do you most prefer?
a. reds or purples
b. shades of brown
c. grays and reflective colors
d. blues or black
e. greens

2. Which personality trait describes you best?
a. funny
b. easy-going
c. analytical
d. creative
e. driven

3. How would you describe your most recent romantic relationship?
a. passionate
b. stable
c. on again/off again
d. private
e. dramatic

4. Which tendency needs the most work in your life?
a. irresponsibility
b. worry
c. inhibition
d. suspicion
e. anger

5. Which design choice sounds most appealing?
a. artsy and eclectic
b. comfortable and cozy
c. smooth, clean and minimalist
d. peaceful and healing
e. garden-like or floral

6. How would you most likely approach a problem?
a. optimistically
b. carefully
c. systematically
d. creatively
e. aggressively

7. Which of the following do you value most?
a. fame and reputation
b. knowledge
c. travel
d. career
e. community

8. Which activity would you prefer?
a. entertaining at a fabulous party
b. gardening and landscaping
c. traveling with friends to a favorite city
d. swimming or lounging near water
e. hiking or camping in a forest

9. What would you recommend to a friend in crisis?
a. think clearly, take control
b. get grounded before taking action
c. find the good in this situation
d. look within to find the solution
e. make a fresh start

10. Which cause would you most likely support?
a. boosting the arts
b. a campaign for social justice
c. improving the quality of education
d. spiritual/religious ideals
e. environmental protection

If you answered with mostly...

a: You could have a Fire Element dominated personality. You are quick-thinking, passionate, friendly, and impulsive, and have a playful side. Those who are too fiery could be too loud and critical. Smother your flames a bit by adding Earth Elements to bring balance.

b: You have an abundance of the Earth Element in your life. You are nurturing, stable, honest, and diplomatic. You are reliable, though sometimes overly so. Too much earthiness can keep you from making changes in your life. Add Metal Elements to brighten your prospects.

c: You have the Metal Element prevalent in your nature. You are focused, disciplined, ethical, and eloquent. You value precision but could be overly critical at times. Highly metallic personalities can have solid boundaries that even loved ones have trouble penetrating. Allow flowing Water Elements to soften your hard exterior.

d: You have an abundance of the Water Element in your character. You are creative, contemplative, patient, and self-aware. You feel things deeply and tend to internalize these feelings. Some watery people are easily overwhelmed and have trouble making decisions. Invite Wood Elements into your life to absorb your fluid emotions.

e: Your disposition is ruled by Wood Element energy. Woodsy folks are confident, ambitious, determined, and compassionate. You work hard but sometimes too hard. An abundance of Wood causes you to push yourself and others past a reasonable limit. Add some playful Fire Elements to help you take life less seriously.

Evenly: You are well-balanced, and all Five Elements seem are working in harmony.

How did you do? Was the Element you are most drawn to the same one you are using to decorate your home or office?

Quiz reprinted from Feng Shui Quick Guide For Home and Office,” Feng Shui Multimedia, Publisher, Santa Fe, New Mexico; and from "Feng Shui—A Functional Art,” Hagerstown Magazine, Hagerstown, Maryland.

© Copyright 2024, Carol Olmstead