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Seasonal Clutter Clearing

Seasonal Clutter Clearing
Clutter represents postponed decisions and the inability to move forward, so when you clear your clutter on a seasonal basis you take advantage of the natural changes around you to make room for new energy to flow in to take its place.

Winter – Let Go of Hobby Supplies
January is “Get Organized Month,” and one first step in getting organized is to get rid of supplies from hobbies that no longer interest you. You can call up friends who are still pursuing the hobby and ask if they want. Or, sell the supplies on a website dedicated to the hobby. You could try finding a school or community program that teaches the hobby to see if they need the supplies. Finally, you could recycle usable supplies on sites like or sell them on eBay or Craigslist.

Spring – Spring Clean Your Workplace
Whether you work in a corner office, a cubicle, home-based studio, or anything in between, clutter will keep you from moving forward in your career or business. A quick first clutter-clearing step is to remove the outdated notes, phone lists, take-out menus, etc. from your bulletin board and replace them with new ones. Then, get rid of dried up pens and markers and pencils with worn down erasers and replace them with fresh ones. Dust your desk, your chair, and all plants. Finally, remove everything from your shelves, dust, then put back only the books and manuals you currently use and recycle the rest.

Summer – Ten Minute Clutter Clearing
Summer is the season when you spend more time outdoors, but even if you only have 10 minutes, try these quick clutter-clearing projects to make your home feel lighter as the temperatures get hotter:

Fall – Handling Magazine and Newspaper Clutter
As you start spending more time indoors, it's time to bust the clutter that accumulated inside while you were busy enjoying the outdoors.
1. Go through all your rooms and gather your newspapers, magazines, and catalogs, then place them in piles on the kitchen or dining room table.
2. Go through your piles and if a newspaper is more than a day old, toss it.
3. If you have any magazines or catalogs that you know you will never read, toss them in the recycling and consider canceling your subscription.
4. If you have flagged magazine articles or catalog pages, tear out those pages and scan them so you have an electronic version, then add the pages and the entire issue to the recycling bin.
5. For magazines and catalogs you still want to read, write today's date on the cover and place them in your "reading area;" if you haven't read them in a month, recycle immediately.

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