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Feng Shui Garden Colors

Feng Shui Garden Colors
Jump start the geraniums and dial up the dahlias - it’s time to spring forward and start using Feng Shui to create harmony in your garden. Whether your garden is a lush paradise, a simple hanging plant, or anything in between, you can create Feng Shui garden harmony by using the right color and shape in the right location. In Feng Shui, colors and shapes are called the Five Elements, and when you place these Elements in the right locations you transform any garden space into a tranquil oasis.

The words “Feng Shui” mean wind and water and represent the gentle flow of the natural world around you. That means the shapes you choose for your garden also affect the flow of harmony into your life. When you plant your garden in Feng Shui colors, you activate the specific energy of each. For example, flowers in reds, oranges, and yellows increase active energy, while those in tones of blues and purples calm you.

Use the Feng Shui bagua (pronounced bag wha), or mapping chart, to decide where to place each color. Hold the bagua in front of you when you look into your garden from its main entrance. Plant your garden to match the colors and shapes recommended for each area. For example, in the Wealth area (upper left hand corner of your garden), grow red geraniums, purple salvia, or other hot color plants to increase wealth and prosperity. Here are some specific suggestions for adding the shapes and colors to your garden to activate specific attributes:

Fire Elements
Shape - Triangle
Colors - Red, orange, purple
Attribute - Encourage happiness and reduce sadness
Plant red, orange, and purple flowers, then add an outdoor fire pit and lanterns.
Iris, calla lily, birch trees, and spruce trees.

Earth Element
Shape - Square
Colors - Yellow
Attribute - Encourage stability, security, grounding
Plant yellow flowers, and arrange rocks and clay pots around them.
Poppy, rose, boxwood, juniper.

Metal Element
Shape - Round
Colors - White, pastel
Attribute - Encourage control, acceptance, enlightenment
Plant white flowers and decorate your garden with metal sculptures and wind chimes.
Lavender, hydrangea, globe thistle.

Water Element
Shape - Curved
Colors - Blue
Attribute - Encourage relaxation, optimism, peace of mind
Plant blue and purple flowers, and also create a pond or add a fountain, or bird bath.
Wisteria, hosta, butterfly bush.

Wood Element
Shape - Vertical
Colors - Green
Plant green shrubs and trees, then place wooden benches, chairs, or a trellis in your backyard.
Attribute - Encourage growth, change, dreams
Trees and tall plants.

If you live in an apartment or condo, you can still have a garden on your balcony or patio. Even though the space is small, use the bagua to map out your outdoor space, then decorate accordingly with flowers, plants, and garden ornaments.

Remember to keep your Feng Shui garden harmony fresh, natural, and flowing. Deadhead flowers when they fade, but avoid over-pruning your trees and shrubs into tight shapes.

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