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Feng Shui House Blessing

Feng Shui House Blessing
A Feng Shui Rice Blessing can be conducted to remove the negative chi in and around your house and property. Negative situations that require a house blessing include divorce, bankruptcy, continuing bad luck, death in the house, or whenever it feels like some outside force is in control of your home. A Feng Shui house blessing ceremony can energize your whole house, cure the negative energy, and create a happier and healthier home. You can also conduct a house blessing after moving into a new home, after the completion of a major renovation, before a special event at your home, and before listing your home for sale. You can hire a Feng Shui practitioner, minister, rabbi, priest, or shaman to conduct the ceremony, or do it yourself. The power of a Feng Shui House Blessing Ceremony is both in the intention and the actual ceremony.

The Feng Shui rice blessing is a 6-step ceremony performed around the perimeter of your home to clear and remove negative energy from the home, the land, and from yourself. You will need a large bowl, a bag of uncooked rice, a bottle of 100 proof liquor, and a small amount of the mineral cinnabar. Bird seed or flower seeds can substitute for the rice, and an unopened bottle of paprika, saffron, or other red spice can substitute for the cinnabar.

Step 1 – Relaxation
To calm the body and set the atmosphere for the ceremony, stand outside of the house put your hands together so that all your fingertips meet.

Step 2 - Chanting
Repeat the soothing sounds of the chant “Om Mani Padme Hum” nine times, out loud but softly and quietly. If you prefer, you can use your own chant or mantra. Fill a large bowl with uncooked rice, birdseed, or flower seeds. Add approximately ¼ of a cup of red cinnabar powder or red spice to the rice. In Feng Shui the color red symbolizes positivity and beneficial energy. Add 9 teaspoons from a new bottle of 100 proof liquor. Repeat your chant nine times as you stir the rice 108 times. Men stir with their right middle finger, women with their left. The number 108 is symbolic, with 1 standing for a single person and the 8 representing the symbol of infinity.

Step 3 - Beginning the Ceremony
Start at the front door and throw 3 handfuls of rice high into the air, chanting with each toss and visualizing positive energy uplifting and empowering the occupants. Toss 3 more handfuls of rice from one side of your property to the opposite side, chanting as you toss and visualizing negativity flowing away from your property, like water down a drain.

Step 4 - Blessing the Boundaries
Slowly walk around the border of your property, chanting and tossing handfuls of rice up and to the ground until you return to the front door.

Step 5 - Offering Grateful Prayer
When you reach the front door again, toss three handfuls of rice toward the door while you chant, to bless the house and land.
Toss three more handfuls of rice high in the air while you continue to chant, aiming for the sky and asking for heaven’s blessing.

Step 6 – Celebrating
Take your middle and ring finger and, chanting, flick them outwards nine times, visualizing the success of the ceremony. Share a glass of the liquor in celebration of restoring positive energy to your home.

Carol M. Olmstead is an ordained minister qualified to conduct Feng Shui House Blessing Ceremonies. Please e-mail Carol Olmstead or call 1.800.652.9038 for details.

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