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Welcome to the Feng Shui For Real Life E-zine, a monthly e-magazine with tips, success stories, and clutter-clearing advice to help you make simple Feng Shui changes to attract wealth, harmony, love, and much more.

Happy Thanksgiving I wish you a holiday filled with family and friends, harmony and happiness, and food and festivity. I am truly thankful for of all my wonderful e-zine readers, clients, and colleagues. You enrich every day of my life. Please keep your wonderful success stories coming. The Feng Shui For Real Life E-zine reaches readers in 53 countries, so when you send me your stories and questions I get to share them with the world.

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Carol M. Olmstead
Feng Shui Master Practitioner

Feng Shui Tip of the Month – Create Harmony Around the Thanksgiving Table
Thanksgiving is the start of the holiday season, and the colors, tastes, and aromas of Thanksgiving are associated with positive Feng Shui. But this holiday can also be stressful and demanding because of all the work involved in planning the meal and bringing together the family. Here are three tips to help you create a peaceful and harmonious holiday around the family table. For my readers in countries that don't celebrate Thanksgiving, this advice also applies to other family gatherings and holiday celebrations.

Encourage Conversation. Display a centerpiece that includes orange flowers and fresh fruit and vegetables including oranges, pumpkins, or gourds. The color orange encourages conversation and the fresh produce represents good health and longevity. If your family is prone to arguments, keep the shiny surfaces and sharp edges to a minimum, such as removing the knife after carving the turkey.

Serve Harmonious Foods. The winter months are part of the yin side of our energy, so we need to balance this darker, lower, colder energy with strong yang energy in our Thanksgiving menus. Cooked foods, spices, and hot foods such as chile peppers, ginger, garlic, and chocolate are yang energy. Feng Shui is all about balance, so when you serve "white" foods like mashed potatoes, use bright colored plates and bowls.

Set the Stage. Thanksgiving is not the time to eat in front of the TV, so no matter whether your celebration is large or small, bring out the good dishes, china, crystal, and silver. The dining room is considered to be a place of wealth in Feng Shui, so if you have one, be sure to use it for Thanksgiving dinner. If your table has sharp corners, avoid seating your guests near them, which can cause a feeling of tension during the meal. Or, drape the corners with a cloth or fresh greenery to soften them.

Read more about the "3Hs" of holiday entertaining in the article "Thanksgiving Feng Shui" in the Articles Section on my website.

Clutter Clinic -- Give Thanks for Extra Space
In this month of Thanksgiving, you may not need more things to be thankful for, but you always need more room for thankfulness. Here are nine things you can get rid of this month and be thankful for the extra space in your life.

It doesn't matter whether you donate, sell, trash, or recycle, or freecycle these objects, once they are out of your home you will have room for new, and better, things to flow in to take their place.

Do you have clutter-clearing and organizing tips to share? Post them on my Facebook page.

Success Story – Janis’s Dance Studio
J Janis wanted to bring some energy back into her home, especially in her home office. What struck me the most when I arrived at her house was her den, which had initially been a dance studio. Obviously, Janis was born to dance, so I recommended changes to this room to help get her creativity flowing. Here's what she wrote:
I have been working steadily following your recommendations and can see energy shifts, even with small changes. I love to go in my office now, which means I am more inspired, creative, and effective as I grow my business. I have created two new weight management coaching programs and already have several new registrants, have taken on joint ventures, and have begun interviewing for a Virtual Assistant in order to be more productive. Because of the changes to the den, I am doing more dancing and have even resumed my Goddess Connections Dance Workshops, which bring great joy to me and my clients. My husband's office is looking great too, and he has brought in a new kitchen remodeling contract. The bottom line is that our home has regained energy and passion, which shows up in business, our relationship, our income, and our attitude.

Share your own Feng Shui Success Story on

Ask the Feng Shui Maven
Q: How do I orient the bagua chart for a duplex? Both entry doors are in the center of the house which means when I enter my side, all the rooms on the first floor are to the right of the entry, that is a long hallway with living room, dining room, bathroom, then kitchen.
A: If you only occupy one side of the duplex, you only use the bagua on your side of the building-similar to how you would only use the bagua for only your apartment if you lived in an apartment building. Stand at your front door looking into your home, hold the bagua in front of you, then draw the shape of your home. Divide this into the 9 equal areas of the bagua to determine which rooms occupy the specific areas of the bagua, and to see if any bagua areas are missing. You can read more in my article about the bagua, which is located in the Articles Section on my website.

Q: Which bagua mirror do I use when I want to get rid of bad energy in and around my house, convex or concave?
A: A concave bagua mirror is used when you want to neutralize the negative energy outside your home, because the concave design will suck up the negative energy. A convex bagua mirror is used when you want to reflect the negative energy back at its source. Also, be sure you only use the traditional bagua mirror outside your home, and never inside. Click here to order a classic bagua mirror.

Do you have Feng Shui questions? E-mail to Carol Olmstead, then watch this newsletter for the answers.

Special Offer for November
November Discount -- Some Feng Shui masters consider 11/11/11 the most auspicious date of this century, and it's also Veteran's Day. To honor the men and women serving their country, throughout November I'm offering a 11% new client discount on home consultation for military families, active duty and retired. Carol Olmstead or call 1.800.652-9038 to schedule your consultation],

Read about "Feng Shui for Military Families" in the article featured on my website.

My Holiday Gift to You
Buy one or more copies of the Feng Shui Quick Guide For Home and Office during November and December, and you'll receive a coupon for a free 30-minute Feng Shui consultation by phone, value $125. Use your session through February 29, 2012 to discuss any room in your home or office, or give it as a gift. This offer is only good for books purchased from the Feng Shui store at and shipped within the US.
Click here to purchase your books.

Feng Shui Books
Check out my two critically acclaimed Feng Shui books --

365 Feng Shui Secrets
Announcing my new e-book, 365 Feng Shui Secrets. Want to earn more money? Yearning to rev up your love life? Looking to create family harmony? Need to control clutter before it controls you? Or do you just need a good night's sleep? The simple Feng Shui tips in this e-book can bring all of this and more. Includes Feng Shui basics to get you started and a tip-a-day calendar to help you make Feng Shui changes seasonally. The tips cover all of the seasons, holidays, celebrations, adventures, and misadventures of your life. Also includes new success stories from my clients to illustrate how everyday people used these Feng Shui tips to improve their lives. Start the calendar on any date and work through a full year of daily advice.
365 Feng Shui Secrets
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Feng Shui Quick Guide For Home and Office - Secrets For Attracting Wealth, Harmony, and Love<
"Move your stuff, change your life." The Feng Shui Quick Guide For Home and Office includes Feng Shui basics, a monthly guide to clutter clearing, hundreds of Feng Shui tips, and success stories. This is the book that will help you learn how to attract wealth, achieve harmony, improve relationships, advance your career, and clear clutter. Highlights include a month-by-month guide to clearing your clutter and a day-by-day calendar of fast fix Feng Shui tips, and links to download free bonus articles. The perfect gift for everyone on your list - clients, colleagues, family, friends - and a great way for real estate agents to say "thank you" and welcome home buyers to their new home.
Names "Best How-To Book 2010"
Feng Shui Quick Guide For Home and Office
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Now also available for Kindle, Nook and iBooks.

Feng Shui Workshops
Custom Workshops
Bring one of my workshops to your city. I will create a custom presentation for your business or group to help you make simple changes to attract wealth, harmony, and love. From keynote speeches, to "munch and learn" workshops, to half-day or full-day seminars, my interactive sessions are full of practical advice, tips, and fun. Feng Shui workshops make great fundraisers because they always sell out.

Here's what people are saying about Carol's workshops --
I received great feedback about the Creating Home Sanctuary "munch and learn" Feng Shui workshop you gave at our design studio, and what an engaging person you are. You did a terrific job! -- Lisa Samuel, Samuel Design Group

Thank you for a great presentation! Really great stuff.... you are a whiz. -- Val Romero, Women Make a Difference

I welcome your referrals. If you know of a group or organization that would be interested in scheduling me as a speaker, e-mail Carol Olmstead or call 1.800.652.9038.

Feng Shui Consulting Services
I work with clients nationwide, either on-site in person, or remote by phone, e-mail, and Skype.

On-Site Consulting
Nationwide, I schedule On-Site Feng Shui Consultations for homes, offices, and businesses. On a regular basis, I work with clients in the Northeast (DC Metro Area and Maryland Suburbs, Baltimore, Annapolis, Northern Virginia, New York City, and New Jersey) and the Southwest (Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Phoenix, and Denver). All consultations include written recommendations, a ToolKit to help you continue to make changes after the session, and a copy of my book, the Feng Shui Quick Guide For Home and Office.

Remote Consulting by Phone and Skype
When an on-site consultation isn't possible, I offer Off-Site and Remote Feng Shui Consulting in the US and internationally for homes, offices, and businesses. There are two options, either Whole House Consultation or the new Room Rescue Package for one room in your home. You will receive advice for re-arranging furniture and accessories, selecting and hanging artwork, choosing the right colors, clutter clearing, re-purposing what you already have.

To schedule your on-site or remote Feng Shui consultation, e-mail Carol Olmstead or call 1.800.652.9038.

I welcome your referrals

Purse Hangers From the Feng Shui Store
Where do you put your purse? There is a Feng Shui saying that "your purse on the floor means money out the door." You carry your money, credit cards, and checkbook in your purse, and in Feng Shui, putting these on the floor represents disregard for your wealth and income. Plus, scientific studies also show that your purse can be contaminated with numerous bacteria when it comes in contact with the floor.

Now, you no longer have to put your purse on the floor. The remedy is a Purse Hanger that lets you hang your purse safely from a table or desk. I have found folding purse hangers that fit neatly in your purse. It's the perfect gift for all the women on your list. The 2" disk opens to a sturdy 3" hanger. I stock them in elegant black and silver, plus I have a few available in assorted colors.
Order a purse hanger for yourself and for your friends at the Feng Shui Store at

Beyond Feng Shui – 11 Ways to Help Veterans
Veteran Veteran's Day is 11/11/11 this year, and this date is also considered the most auspicious date of the year by some Feng Shui masters. Here are 11 ways you can celebrate this auspicious date by saying thank you to Veterans and active duty military serving their country.

1. Provide shelter. Through Homes for Our Troops you can lend a hand or donate equipment, which constructs houses for severely injured veterans who served after 9/11.

2. Offer a ride. The Disabled American Veterans needs drivers for the DAV van, which gives rides to VA medical facilities.

3. Foster a pet. Through Guaradian Angels For Soldiers you can provide foster care for a dog or cat of a deployed soldier or a wounded veteran while he or she is on duty or receiving VA medical treatment.

4. Record a story. The Library of Congress wants to hear from former soldiers] with tales from the front lines. Go to their website for tips on conducting an interview or to request a field kit.

5. Donate cell phones. For each cell phone you donate to Cell Phones for Soldiers the organization will pay for an hour of talk time for troops overseas.

6. Donate DVDs. Mail DVDs to DVDs4Vets or drop off at a local VA facility] for distribution where they are needed.

7. Clip coupons. Through CoupsForTroops donate coupons to military families who can use them for six months past their end date.

8. Help out a holiday drive. Operation Gratitude's annual campaign collects clothing, food, and more and packs it in gift boxes for service members.

9. Send a package. Through the Kitchen Table Gang, you can receive an address where you can send things from candy to board games to hospitalized veterans and troops abroad.

10. Share your expertise. MilServe connects vets with volunteers who can help with financial counseling, legal services, job search guidance, carpentry.

11. Support Mentoring. The Big Brothers Big Sisters has a special Military Mentoring Program that pairs kids with adults serving in the military, as well as with veterans and civilians.

Know other ways to help veterans and military families? Post them on my Facebook page,

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