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Romantic Dining Ideas

Romantic Dining Ideas
If you're planning a romantic dinner for two, plan to include some Feng Shui because a few changes can help set the mood and create the perfect romantic setting. Feng Shui principles teach that by making a person feel good about his or her surroundings, we also make that person feel good about being with us.

The ideal table for two is square or round, with no more than two extra chairs. Too many chairs can make you feel like you're having a party and the guests didn’t show, instead of making you feel romantic. If your table is a long rectangle, remove some of the chairs and set two places at one end of the table. Place a flower arrangement or other decorative object at the other end of the table to fill up the space. A long table feels empty and can put a strain on intimacy and conversation.

Arrange seating in a cozy arrangement to boost love and romance. Place chairs at right angles, and avoid sitting across from your dining partner because this is considered a “confrontational” position. And be sure to seat your guest facing away from the kitchen rather than into it, so any clutter and dirty dishes won’t break the romantic mood. If you have a dimmer switch, lower the lighting to soften the mood.

Decorate your table with the color red, the traditional color of love and romance. Red also represents the Fire Element in Feng Shui, and using it to decorate your table brings passion to the occasion. Choose pairs of red objects rather than single items to symbolize a coupled relationship, such as a pair of red placements, two red crystal hearts, or a red ceramic vase with two flowers. Place all of your pairs side-by-side rather then spacing them far apart on the dining table or anywhere else in the room. Don’t forget to light a pair of candles, since we all look and feel better in candle light.

And make sure you wear something red to activate your own personal Fire Element energy.

If your Feng Shui table centerpiece includes roses, be sure to remove the thorns. Thorns represent hardship, so removing them represents a smooth relationship. Another flower option is a pair of peonies because these are called the “flowers of love” in Chinese Feng Shui. Tulips are another romantic flower choice. Choose the color of your flowers based on what you are seeking in your relationship: red represents marriage, pink and peach symbolize young love, yellow represents deep friendship, white symbolizes purity in your relationship.

Feng Shui philosophy believes that “you are what you see.” That means you can make your dinner companion feel welcome by removing any artwork that shows only a single person or images reflecting loneliness. Instead, display art that shows happy, loving couples. And of course remove any objects you received from a past love.

Don’t forget to “ignite” the Love Area of the room where you are dining. This is the upper right hand corner as you are looking into the room from its main entrance. Make this area as romantic as possible by adding things like artwork showing a couple kissing, a bouquet of fragrant flowers, or a beautiful lamp to represent a glowing relationship. Move unromantic objects out of this area, especially the trashcan, desk, children’s schoolwork, or the cat’s litter box. Be sure to remove all clutter from the room. Clutter symbolizes "postponed decisions" and "the inability to move forward," which is something you certainly don’t want to encourage.

Open your windows before your dinner to let out the old, stale air and bring in the new fresh chi. Even if it’s too cold and you can only keep them open for a few minutes, you will symbolically make room for a fresh romance to enter your life.

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