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Feng Shui Tips from A-Z

Feng Shui Tips from A-Z
Use these 26 low cost Feng Shui tips from A-Z to attract wealth, harmony, and love. Start anywhere in the list and use one tip every other week, in any order. If a particular tip doesn't apply to you, work on any tips you have skipped.

A: Remove everything you don’t need from your attic because what is over your head weighs down on you.

B: Clear the clutter in your basement so healthy energy can circulate underneath you for a strong, supportive foundation.

C: To help children sleep better, place photos of their parents, grandparents, or godparents in their rooms to act as guardians.

D: Remove everything you are storing behind doors and make sure they open smoothly and completely to symbolize new opportunities entering your life.

E: Turn your desk to face the entrance door of your office and your career will feel more secure.

F: Display a bowl of fruiton your dining room table to represent continuing health and nourishment for your family.

G: If you sleep in a bedroom above a garage, place a thick carpet on the floor to keep the fumes from the cars from affecting your health.

H: Sell or donate any heirlooms you inherit from someone you dislike, rather than bring its negative energy into your home.

I: Clean your home thoroughly after an illness or an argument, because negative chi can accumulate after sickness or harsh words.

J: Give a gift of jade for birthdays, anniversaries, or whenever you want to wish someone good health and longevity.

K: Keep your knives out of sight when not in use or their cutting edges could cause conflict.

L: Replace all the burned out light bulbs in your home and you will recharge your own energy.

M: To assure a good night’s sleep, hang no more than one mirror in your bedroom and make sure you can’t see yourself in it from bed.

N: If you have difficult neighbors, hang a mirror on the outside of your home facing their house to reflect any negative energy back at its source.

O: For holiday meals or dinner parties, place orange flowers in the center of the table to encourage lively and positive conversation.

P: Move your cleaning supplies and brooms from the pantry, since keeping them in this location symbolizes cleaning out your good health.

Q: To make room for new things to enter your life, quickly move through your home with a trash bag and throw away 27 things that you don’t need.

R: Encourage romance by removing photos of your children, parents, friends, and pets from your bedroom.

S: Hang a mirror behind your stove or display a shiny teakettle to reflect the number of burners and symbolically double your wealth.

T: Take out the trash through the back door or the garage rather than through the front door, which is the area where wealth and abundance.

U: Avoid storing anything under your bed, especially workout equipment that symbolizes “running away” from a good night’s sleep.

V: Place a vase of fresh flowers in your office to encourage growth of your career.

W: Clean out your wallet frequently because a messy wallet symbolizes disregard for your wealth.

X: To encourage a new love to enter your life, remove objects and photos from your bedroom that remind you of an x-lover.

Y: Balance the yin and yang in your home by mixing dark and light, solid and patterned, hard and soft.

Z: Zoom in on your clutter problem by clearing out the kitchen "junk" drawer, the hall closet, or your craft room this week.

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