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Welcome to the Feng Shui For Real Life E-zine, a monthly e-mail magazine with Feng Shui tips, success stories, clutter-clearing advice, and other information to help you make simple Feng Shui improvements. If you can’t get enough Feng Shui, also check out my, the weekly articles I write for the Feng Shui site, and my own website, Feng Shui For Real
Carol M. Olmstead
Feng Shui Master Practitioner

Feng Shui To The Rescue
Feng Shui Tip For March: Wear Feng Shui Colors
As the weather starts to get warmer and you replace your winter clothes with their lighter-weight cousins, give some thought to the Feng Shui meaning of the color of the clothes you choose to wear. Like it or not, the colors you wear not only affect your emotions, but influence how others judge and respond to you. Think about the color of your clothes based on the Five Elements in Feng Shui, because when you wear a specific Element, you project its attributes.

Red -- the ideal color when you want to draw attention to yourself. Wear red when you speak in public or want to stand out from the crowd, but avoid red if you are nervous or are self-conscious.
Pink -- the color of romance and fun. Wear pink if you want to resolve a situation with a loved one, because it is soothing and helps dissolve feelings of anger.
Yellow -- conveys stability, so you can wear it when you have an important decisions to make. Avoid yellow when you are feeling tired or it might drain your energy levels.
Green -- projects growth and development. This is a great color to wear when learning new skills, taking classes, or when you need to be energized. Avoid wearing green when you are restless because it is a stimulating color.
Brown -- a grounding and comforting color that you can wear if you feel scared or insecure. Brown makes you feel safe, but avoid wearing it when dealing with stubborn people.
Black -- conveys authority and power, and promotes a sense of depth and strength. Wear black if you need to command leadership or exude mystery. Black makes you stand apart from the crowd, so avoid wearing it when you need to be seen as an equal.
Purple -- once seen as a symbol of royalty, and still reigns as the ideal choice when you want to look sophisticated yet edgy. It's an ideal color to wear in the midst of transition or in a spiritual setting.
Read more in my article “Feng Shui and Fashion.”

Clutter Clinic -- Seven Permission Slips
Spring is the season of renewal, and a great time to take a look at all those things that you don't need, like, or want, but hold on to because you think you "should." When I help clients clear clutter, I find that many people need permission to get rid of all that stuff they are holding on to. If you fall into that category, here are seven "permission slips" to get rid of things that could be holding you back.
1. If something reminds you of how much weight you gained or lost (unplanned), get rid of it.
2. If something makes you sad or unhappy, get rid of it.
3. If something brings back bad memories, get rid of it.
4. If something makes you feel out-of-date, get rid of it.
5. If something is broken and it costs more to fix then replace, get rid of it.
6. If something from your past would embarrass your loved ones after you're gone, get rid of it.
7. If something doesn't mean anything to you any longer, get rid of it.
Modified from an article by Janet L. Hall, OverHall Consulting, Port Republic, Maryland.

What the feng am I going to do with all this shui?
-- Anonymous

You can find more clutter-clearing tips in the month-by-month guide to clutter clearing in the Feng Shui Quick Guide For Home and Office.

Success Story – Feng Shui For A Quick Sale
My client was getting ready to put her rental property on the market, and decided to make some Feng Shui changes first to help it sell faster. Here is what she wrote.
Since March is the month of "green," I have to talk about the green that has come into my life because of Feng Shui changes I made. I have always kept red ribbons on my front and rear doors to welcome wealth into the house. But little did I know what an impact this would have on another house I was selling. Shortly before we put our rental property on the market, I asked our agent to attach red ribbons to the inside front and back doors. The house was completely cleaned out, but I had the agent display some fresh, living plants near the entryway. I also refreshed the red ribbons on the three rear doors in the family room of our own home. Well, the third person who walked in the door made an offer, and it was over the asking price. Can you believe that in this market? We sold the house to this buyer within a month with very little effort on our part. As you know my daughter is getting ready to put her condo on the market, and we will use your Feng Shui suggestions to assure a quick sale for that property as well.
Read more Feng Shui Success Stories on my Facebook Fan Page.

Ask the Feng Shui Maven
Q: Is it OK to keep a cell phone on your nightstand when you sleep? It's my only phone, plus it's also my alarm clock.
A: A bedroom should be reserved for rest and romance only. If your cell is your only phone then it's OK to keep it nearby, just avoid the temptation to use it to catch up on e-mail before you go to bed. And try to keep all electronics as far from your head as possible because they can interfere with peaceful sleep.

Q: I am renting a home that is going into foreclosure, so I have to find a new place to live and think it's time to purchase my own home. Are there any Feng Shui tips I can use to find the home of my dreams?
A: First, make sure you keep your current residence clutter free. In Feng Shui clutter represents the "inability to move forward," so when you remove clutter you open up space for new and better things to flow into your life. If you know the specific neighborhood where you want to live, search online for listings of houses in that area and create a collage of images of houses to display in your Future Area.
Click here to download a bagua chart from the Basics section on my website to help locate this area.

Do you have Feng Shui questions for the Feng Shui Maven? E-mail them to Carol Olmstead, then watch for the answers in future newsletters.

Quick Tips from the Feng Shui Quick Guide For Home and Office.
Here are three tips for March from the "Calendar of Tips" in my book --
1. Wear something green on March 17, not just because it's St. Patrick's Day, but because it's the color of the Wood Element that stimulates creativity.
2. Remove broken or cracked mirrors because they represent fragmentation in your life.
3. Hang a bulletin board over your child's desk to display awards, artwork, report cards, and great papers to encourage your child to study and achieve.

These are only three of the more than 500 practical tips in the Feng Shui Quick Guide For Home and Office.
• Feng Shui Basics
• Calendar of Tips
• Clutter-Clearing Strategies
• Success Stories from people who made small changes with big results
Winner, Best How-To Book 2010, New Mexico Book Association
Southwest Book Design Award, 2009-2010
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Custom Workshops
Bring one of my workshops to your city. I will create a custom presentation for your business or group to help you make simple changes to attract wealth, harmony, and love. From keynote speeches, to "munch and learn" workshops, to half-day or full-day seminars, my interactive sessions are full of practical advice, tips, and fun. Feng Shui workshops make great fund raisers because they always sell out.

Here's what people are saying about Carol's workshops --
I received great feedback about the Creating Home Sanctuary "munch and learn" Feng Shui workshop you gave at our design studio, and what an engaging person you are. You did a terrific job! -- Lisa Samuel, Samuel Design Group

Thank you for a great presentation! Really great stuff.... you are a whiz. -- Val Romero, Women Make a Difference

I welcome your referrals. If you know of a group or organization that would be interested in scheduling me as a speaker, e-mail me or call 1.800.652.9038.

Feng Shui Consulting Services
I work with clients nationwide, either on-site in person, or remote by phone, e-mail, and Skype.

On-Site Feng Shui Consulting Services
Nationwide, I schedule On-Site Feng Shui Consultations for homes, offices, and businesses on request. On a regular basis, I work with clients in the Northeast (DC Metro Area and Maryland Suburbs, Baltimore, Annapolis, Northern Virginia, New York City, and New Jersey) and the Southwest (Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Phoenix, and Denver). All on-site consultations include written recommendations, a ToolKit of information to help you continue to make changes after the session, and a copy of my book, the Feng Shui Quick Guide For Home and Office. Appointments fill up fast, especially on weekends, so schedule your consultation now to get the date you want. E-mail me with the date you would like to schedule your consultation. or call 1.800.652.9038.

Remote and Off-Site Feng Shui Consulting
When an on-site consultation isn't possible, I can provide a remote consultation for your home, office, or business. There are two options available, either the new Feng Shui Room Rescue Package for one room in your home, or a Remote Whole House Feng Shui Consultation.

Feng Shui Room Rescue Package
Do you have one room in your home that is driving you crazy and needs a special Feng Shui rescue, but you don't know where to start? The 3-part Feng Shui Room Rescue package is for you. The package includes:
• 30-minute phone consultation and personalized Feng Shui room rescue plan.
• Copy of the Feng Shui Quick Guide For Home and Office -- Secrets For Attracting Wealth, Harmony, and Love to keep your moving forward.
• Maintenance check-in to make sure you stay on track.

Recommendations typically cover:

Rearrange + Reorganize + Reuse = Room Rescue.
Click here to register for the Room Rescue Package.

Remote Whole House Feng Shui Consultation
This off-site consultation includes analysis of a questionnaire, floor plan, site map, and photos of your space, plus an in-depth Skype phone consultation. During our conversation I will answer specific questions, plus provide recommendations and changes you can make to the placement of furniture, artwork, and objects, and adding color to activate the positive energy in your home. The service also includes 30 days of follow-up consulting.
Click here to register for the Remote Whole House Feng Shui Consultation.
I welcome your referrals nationwide. E-mail or call 1.800.652.9038.

From the Feng Shui Store -- Keep Your Purse Off the Floor
In Feng Shui, keeping your purse on the floor represents disregard for your wealth, plus scientific studies show that your purse can pick up all kinds of bacteria when it sits on the floor. The remedy is a Purse Hanger that lets you hang your purse safely from a table or desk. I have finally found folding purse hangers that fit neatly in your purse. It's the perfect gift for all the women on your list. The 2" disk opens to a sturdy 3" hanger. I stock them in elegant black and silver, plus I have a few available in assorted colors.
Order one for yourself and one for a friend at the Feng Shui Store at

Beyond Feng Shui – Questions Contractors Shouldn't Ask You
It's spring remodeling time, and the search for a qualified contractor can be complicated. A contractor's time is valuable, but sometimes a reasonable request for information gets lost in translation and potential clients get scared off by what they think are invasive, personal, or rude questions. To help you screen out unscrupulous contractors, the ever-helpful Angie’s has provided a sampling of questions contractors should never ask, and what they should ask instead.
Will you be alone when I arrive? This question makes the homeowner think the contractor has criminal intent. Instead, the contractor should ask if any other decision-maker will be there to discuss the project and cost.
What's your credit score? Asking about a potential client's credit score can easily cause offense. Instead, the contractor should ask how would you like to handle payment.
Can I see your other bids before I give mine? Asking about other bids makes the potential customer wonder if the contractor is offering the lowest bid possible. Instead, contractors should ask if you are willing to talk with them again after you review all bids.
Click here to read more from Angie’s

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