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Bedroom Suite Feng Shui

Bedroom Suite Feng Shui
According to Feng Shui principles, a master bedroom or owner's suite, should be a private place reserved for rest and romance only. Does your bedroom support both? A few simple Feng Shui changes, especially in regard to color, artwork, and bed placement, can help make this most important room more appealing.

Choosing a color for your bedroom walls is the first step in creating a bedroom sanctuary where you can relax and nurture your romantic relationship. When choosing bedroom colors, the Feng Shui rule of thumb is that warm colors create warmth in your relationship, while cool colors can cool it down.

The next consideration in making Feng Shui adjustments in your bedroom is to decide what art you want to hang on the walls and display on your furniture. When selecting bedroom art, keep in mind that what you see from your bed influences how you start and end your day, so make it a pleasant view that both partners enjoy. Feng Shui principles suggest displaying restful and romantic artwork that shows pairs of people or objects, and photographs of you and your spouse or partner.

Here are some Feng Shui "cures," or adjustments, for common problems in the typical adult bedroom.

Problem: Your bed is in a direct line with the door to the room.
When your bed is directly across from the door you feel vulnerable because you are easily seen by anyone entering the room. If you can’t move your bed, add a substantial footboard or place a trunk or bench at the foot of the bed for protection.

Problem: A mirror is hung directly across from the bed.
A mirror in a bedroom can make you restless, especially if you can see yourself in it when you are in bed. Replace all mirrors with fine art, posters, or beautiful wall hangings and fiber art. If you must keep your mirror, cover it before going to sleep.

Problem: Your bed is positioned in a corner, against two walls.
When a bed for two people is positioned against two walls, one of the partners can feel symbolically “trapped” in the relationship because he or she can’t get out easily. Good Feng Shui principles recommend that you always position a bed for an adult with the head against a wall and ample room to walk around it, even if this means switching to a smaller size bed.

Problem: You can see the toilet from the bed.
Toilets are associated with waste in Feng Shui, and looking at one from your bed can disrupt restful sleep. Keep the bathroom door closed when you sleep, or position plants to create a foyer in front of the bathroom and screen it off from view.

Problem: You have a work area in your bedroom.
Reminders of your work responsibilities can keep you awake and have a negative impact on your love life. If you must work in your bedroom, be sure your office area is as far from the bed as possible and use a screen or plants to hide the area. Remember to keep your night tables clear of any work related reading, and keep your computer away from your bed.

Problem: Your bed is in front of a window or angled in a corner.
When there is no solid wall behind your bed it is difficult to relax because you don’t feel grounded. If your bed must be in front of a window, add substantial window coverings and close them at bedtime. If the only location for your bed is diagonally in a corner, place plants or a floor screen behind the head of your bed to fill in the empty space and offer some solid protection.

Problem: Your love life needs improvement.
If your bedroom looks like only one person lives in it, it’s hard to attract or cultivate a relationship. Add a matching pair of night tables to invite a partner into your bed or to represent equality in an existing relationship. Remove stuffed animals, dolls, or other items that represent childhood from the bed to make room for a lover. To rev up your love life, remove all the photos of your children, parents, friends, and pets from your bedroom. After all, you don’t want them "watching," do you?

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